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REVIEW : (FA)MAS 222 semi-automatic rifle. “Is that a FAMAS?” No, its a coveted original M16 in french flavoring. Here we go with a rifle you don’t see everyday, the MAS 222 rifle. I’m...


Direct Action Gear – Dust

These days, there are hundreds of options out there for tactical packs. If you’re like me, you have a lot of stuff to carry around on a daily basis, but you hate the larger,...


Polymer80 PF940C Glock 19

After binge-watching dozens of build videos on YouTube, I was convinced to give the Polymer80 frame kit a go of my own. I decided to purchase the Compact (G19) version, due to my fondness...

TOZ-123 4-Gauge Shotgun 0

The BFG-1 – A Closer Look

This article contains no shooting, only information. You’ve been warned. The KS-23 in an infamous shotgun, seen often in video games, movies, and social media.   On the surface it’s just a standard pump...