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Refinishing and Restoring an Old Rifle

Secondhand firearms can be a great platform as a project for restoration that can be both inexpensive and fun. However, many older or well used firearms can show use, neglect, or age that would...


The Swedish M/1896 Mauser

About a year ago, a local shop was going under and liquidated their entire inventory. They had 3 Mausers on the wall: A Zastava M48, a Zastava M24/47, and a Carl Gustaf Stads M/1896;...


Plinking Quietly With Mr. Bond

The Walther began sales of the PP in 1929. The Polizeipistole (Police Pistol) was followed in 1930 by the PPK, Polizeipistole Kurz or Police Pistol Short. The Kurz featured a shorter length and shorter...