Sink or Swim: A Review of the Beretta ARX-100

Nicholas F.

Nicholas F.

An exemplary Florida man, Nicholas F. is a gun owning gear queer who can often be found shitposting in one of /k/'s many generals, discord channels, teamspeak servers, or cracking open a cold-blooded alligator with the boys in the swamp.

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11 Responses

  1. Avatar Jace Connors says:

    Whoa bro is this the same nick from Teamspeak?

  2. Avatar Gaimen_Raycist says:

    Holy cow that place is dirty, you guys need to clean up a bit.

    • Nicholas F. Nicholas F. says:

      While it would be a great initiative, it would take the entire shooting community in the area to do that. People have been using it as a dumping ground for years before anyone ever shot there and as far as I know it’s private land to be used as such. It’s a shame people have allowed it to get so disgusting in two of the “lanes”, but there area few smaller areas that are kept in good condition and it’s about all anyone can do to clean up whatever mess they make as compared to actually cleaning up the entire area. It’d be nice, but I don’t think it’ll ever happen.

  3. Avatar Bob_Dole says:

    Am I the only one who thinks that the Logo looks similar to the Nerf logo, and the gun looks pretty similar to a Nerf gun as well?

    • Nicholas F. Nicholas F. says:

      It really does look childish. Would’ve been nice to just see a simple, clean ARX 100 rather than what they went with.

  4. Avatar John says:

    I realize this comment is almost two months later, but a little heads up: Academy Sports has these for $880.

  5. Avatar Tim Burnette says:

    Where did you get the cheek riser?

  6. Avatar Gary A Heuschkel says:

    Great article, thank you for the effort. Do you have any idea when the .300 blackout barrels will be available for the ARX-100? Has that barrel caliber simply become a promise turned lie?

    • Nicholas F. Nicholas F. says:

      Thank you, and no problem! There was nowhere near enough information on this gun when I wrote the article, so I thought writing it was necessary.

      Honestly, I would contact Beretta to find out. I’d like to say it will happen one day, but I doubt it because the gun is so unpopular due to looks and the initial asking price. A real shame.

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