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The UTS-15, a Forgotten Turkish Shotgun

The UTS-15, made by the Turkish company UTAS, came about as a desire for a modern tactical military and law enforcement shotgun. With a high magazine capacity designed for urban engagements, each barrel in...

H&R 929 Sidekick 1

H&R 929 | The Sidekick I Never Wanted

The Harrington & Richardson 929 Sidekick is a nine shot DA/SA .22LR revolver. This version has a 2-1/2 inch barrel (4, 6, and 10 inch barrels available), plastic grips, and a swing-out cylinder. The...


Plinking Quietly With Mr. Bond

The Walther began sales of the PP in 1929. The Polizeipistole (Police Pistol) was followed in 1930 by the PPK, Polizeipistole Kurz or Police Pistol Short. The Kurz featured a shorter length and shorter...