H&R 929 | The Sidekick I Never Wanted


Daniel R.

Daniel is an NRA certified handgun and rifle instructor and range safety officer, as well as a USPSA pistol and Multi-Gun competitor. He has received training from Travis Haley, Craig Douglas, and Reid Henrichs, among others. In his free time Daniel enjoys wearing kilts and reading the Constitution.

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  1. Avatar Kevin Bleuel says:

    I just inherited the exact same revolver from my father. Mom said he had it since the early 70s. I lived out in 92 and never even knew he had a gun in the house. He wanted me to have it so I’ll never part with it. I haven’t had a chance to tke it to the range yet but was thinking of making it my daily carry. What your thoughts about doing so? Your piece was a good read, thank you.

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