Civilian Marksmanship Program Buyers’ Guide

The Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) is the primary source for an M1 Garand.  With the General Manager of CMP South announcing the return of 86,000 Garands from the Phillipines, now would be the time to acquire one for yourself.

To purchase a firearm from the Civilian Marksmanship Program you must provide proof of meeting the five requirements.

  • You must be a United States citizen.
  • You must be at least 18 years of age.
  • You must be a member of a CMP-Affiliated Organization.
  • You must be involved in marksmanship activities.
  • You must be legally eligible to possess and receive firearms.

The simplest Proof of United States citizenship is a copy of your Certificate of Live Birth or Certificate of Naturalization. A Drivers License, non-Drivers Photo ID, or Carry Permit may be used instead if it lists US citizenship.

Any document you provide to prove citizenship should also prove age, but some are more equal than others.  If you are an individual Federal Firearms Licensee of any type a copy of your Federal Firearms License will suffice as 21 years of age is a prerequisite to be licensed.

You may already be a member at a CMP-Affiliated Range or Club.  If you are not already, or the hassle of proving membership is too great, you can become a member of the Garand Collectors Association for $30.  The application is online and instant, and with your permission they will electronically disclose your membership to the CMP directly. If you do not have a membership card you will need to fill out the CMP Club Member Certification.

US Coast Guard (USCG) First Class Port Securityman (PS1) Dennis Carney, Coastal Warfare Sector San Diego, fires an M1 Garand Rifle during the prone 300-yard rapid-fire stage of the 2006 Fleet Forces Command (Pacific) Rifle and Pistol Championships. Sailors, Marines, Coast Guardsmen and civilians competed in team and individual divisions during the annual marksmanship competition.

If you included a permit to carry firearms or a Federal Firearms License issued to you as an individual then you have completed this requirement and may move on. You may also provide a DD-214 or proof of completing a class with live fire. If you have participated in a firearms competition with posted results you may include a copy of the results with your name listed.

Unless you have provided a Federal Firearms License issued to you individually you will undergo a NICS background check to satisfy this requirement. If you live in a state which requires a Firearm Owners Identification card, permit to possess, permit to purchase, etc. you will need to provide the CMP with this. Illinois, New Jersey, Connecticut, et al. take note.

The supply of firearms from the CMP has dwindled in recent years, but multiple choices are still available. Rifles start at $830 for a Special Field Grade and can exceed $3000.

Finally, we have the CMP Universal Order Form itself. This is a fairly simple process with detailed instructions included. Page 2A must be notarized. Head to the CMP website to start.

Failure to prove the necessary information may result in something, but it will not result in the acquisition of any US Rifles, Caliber 30, M1.


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