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The Budget Lite Rifle

A while ago, I got to thinking about building a lightweight AR-15 on a budget… Mainly because I had gotten a great deal on a virgin magnesium alloy lower and was bored. Thus, $25...


A Guide to getting a Semi-Auto AKS-74U

How to cut and crown a SLR-104UR/AKS-74u SBR for cheap-ish lmao (2019 pricing) easily with some pretty basic tools.   Preface: If you want an AKS-74u built by an Eastern European factory your best...


How Low Can You Go? A Budget AR-15

2017 is truly the year of the AR-15 rifle. Long past are the days of seemingly elusive $500 budget builds. We’re seeing these budget builds easily attainable at $400. A saturated market coupled with...