SAS-12: Do You Always Get What You Pay For?



Fel is just an average dude who shoots, collects, gunsmiths, and delves into NFA items. He also makes YouTube videos so be sure to subscribe for quality firearms related content.

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7 Responses

  1. Avatar Nick says:

    Got my SAS12 out today for the first time and was VERY pleasantly surprised with it. All I’ve done to it is wash the cosmoline off with hot water and dish soap, then coat every surface in Hoppes no. 9.

    It ate 25 rounds of high brass Federal no. 6 birdshot with only three hiccups: one FTE and two FTFs. The FTE and one of the FTFs occurred on the same round, for what thats worth.

    I then cycled an entire box of cheap Wal-Mart no. 8 low brass birdshot with only one FTF the entire box. Not sure if i just got lucky or if these aren’t actually as bad as they’re made out to be.

  2. Avatar Murphy says:

    Real men are mechanically inclined. It’s a 139.00 gun If it’s not perfect out of the box I fix things. I don’t throw it on the ground and shoot at it for views. Can’t stand that annoying guy in the video. That to me comes off as apathetic American wastefulness. Some Chinamen probably busted his ass making those for his salve driving boss. It’s fun to buy cheap guns and tinker with them. Just put in a lighter spring and wah lah.

    • Don Don says:

      Fel is very mechanically inclined if I do say so myself. I think you may have gotten a little too upset about what is supposed to be an entertaining and informative video about a cheap gun. In spite of that, thanks for the feedback.

  3. Avatar says:

    I’ve got two of these. One I have yet to shoot. Primarily because of the two, it was clearly not as high of quality. It will definitely need work.will

    But the first one cycles well with high brass federal 1330 6shot. Ive put vlose to 300 roubds through it. Maybe 1 in 25 fails, Mostly stove pipes. Going to run some 1500 6shot through it this weekend and see how it goes.

    But here is the kicker….most people got these guns for $140-160 depending on shipping costs… my father got played by a dirt ball and spent $500 on the pair sight unseen. (he knows nothing about firearms, and this guy was supposed to be his friend)

    So, now my only option is to do some work on them. I’ve seen some cool stock / rail systems that would make nice additions assuming I can get them running well.

  4. Avatar Ryan says:

    All the crap guns and no one will send me one or a email getting my address. I cant obtain one! Just one! Id like to tty this SAS12 out, and tinker with it see if it works well for me. Im in Florida. I know of no one who has one, would Give me one, or i cant find one for sale. I would like to get my mitts on one

  5. Avatar JM says:

    Most of these have burrs in the gas port in the barrel that make them not cycle well out of the box (misfeeds from short stroking). It’s pretty easy to take a drill bit and clean the burrs out. They do vary in quality though. I got two of these and my brother got one and the three of them worked fine after deburring the gas port. One of mine I drilled the gas port out a few sizes larger and it cycles low brass Federal very well (as in, every single round in a 100rd bulk pack flawlessly). I’m using all 4 mags that came with my two guns in both of them and they all worked fine, and then I modded them to 4rds and they still work fine. If you got a gun that won’t cycle after cleaning it well and deburring the gas port then you should probably just send it back for an exchange. One other thing to watch for is the op rods were originally riveted together but they changed them to welded later on and my brothers was only riveted and it was loose. I welded it like mine are welded and it’s been fine. Oh and also these are a knock off of the Beretta A300/390/391 series action and most Beretta parts (barrel and action) will fit as replacements (not magazine parts though, the Berettas are tube fed).

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