Girls, Tanks, and Velcro Patches: Girls und Panzer der Film

I’m coming at you today with the complete set of patches from Girls und Panzer der Film, officially licensed and produced by Cospa. These are really fine patches that all feature the names of the girls and the schools they fight to defend. On top of that, all the girls featured are the commanders of their individual school’s Sensha-do teams.

Each one measures 3 and 13/16″ wide by 2″ tall, same size and excellent quality as the IdolM@ster patches Cospa previously ran. While they feel like woven patches, the quality is on par with printed patches. While I can’t say for certain, I think it’s possible dye sublimation was utilized for production. At this time Ami Ami has closed the second run of preorders on these patches but they still have some Mika and Darjeeling patches in stock.

The first patch I’m covering today is Anchovy from the Anzio Girls’ High School. Real name Chiyomi Anzai, she’s the hot-blooded commander for her school’s Sensha-Do team. It features a dark green merrowed border along with the emblem of the Anzio school. It does an effective job of accurately capturing Anchovy’s character colors and design. Though, while her signature cape is visible, the riding crop she carries around is disappointingly not present.

Second on the list but not in battle is the imouto of the Nishizumi family, Miho representing the Oarai Girls’ High School. She’s a proven leader that has forsaken her family’s style of combat to fight the Sensha-do her own way. The merrowed border on this patch is dark blue with a complimentary background color and the Oarai emblem. She looks right at home with her headset and microphone on her neck, ready to lead her school to victory one more time.

Following third in the column is her onee-san, Maho Nishizumi of Kuromorimine Girls’ High School. Sensha-do is in her blood and her burning desire and blood won’t allow her to retreat. Black is the color of choice for the merrowed border on this patch with a dark-colored background, shades of grey and black beside her school’s emblem. Stern colors for a stern school. I don’t think they could do a better job of making her look cold and uncaring, thought it’s all just an outward front.

Fourth is the leader of Saunders University High Schools’s M4 Shermans, the blonde Japanese girl who would fit right in if dropped in America, is Kay. She may come off as being quite rough and as rude, but she only means well. Unlike the other girls on these patches, they made an interesting decision to spell her name in romaji format. Another nod to her American influences is the color scheme of the patch with its bright red merrowed border and a background with red, white, and blue on it. Now stand back while she eats her popcorn unless you’re bringing her a hamburger.

All is fair in love and war, so Darjeeling of the St. Gloriana Girls’ College shouldn’t mind being placed fifth in this fight. The epitome of lady-like grace, her tea will always be safe. Just don’t ask her to cook for you. The gold thread that comprises the merrowed border screams classy and offsets the blues and grays of the background quite nicely. Now, does anybody else want a nice hot cup of Darjeeling to enjoy or is just me?

If we’re going six for six, then we can’t forget Mika of the Jatkosoka Girls’ High School. The Queen of Thief can often be found playing the Säkkijärven Polkka with the kantele she never leaves behind, when she isn’t busy borrowing equipment from other teams. This patch has a lighter color blue for the merrowed border than Miho’s patch and a wonderful combination of grays for the background. The way it depicts her portrays Mika’s refined and cryptic nature quite well and I halfway expect an unexplained proverb at any moment.

Last but certainly not least for the perfect group of seven is the diminutive girl with the diminutive name, Katyusha of Pravda Girls’ High School. Don’t let her childish demeanor and overwhelming desire to rise above fool you, she has the necessary skills to earn her school a victory. The dark red merrowed border certainly takes inspiration from Pravda’s Soviet theme and the background has red hues mixed into the gray. Now I’m off to find myself a smol gril to ride on my shoulders, comrades.

Thank you again for joining me for my post today. If you enjoy what you’ve seen here today, please go support me on my Patreon. Patches aren’t cheap to buy every week. Have a great weekend, stay safe, and remember, don’t get bloody, cut towards your buddy!

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