MilSim West, More Than Just an Airsoft Game: The Use of Blanks in MilSim West Games

Airsoft as a sport rarely falls into /k/ territory. It typically consists of underage kids and game-play that incorporates very little real tactical movements or operations. Even many airsoft military simulation games lack the feel of real engagements. They usually fall short and end up feeling like airsoft camping events. However, there is one military simulation game that is able to bridge the gap between feeling like airsoft and real military operations. That game is MilSim West.

MilSim West is unique in that they allow real firearms to be used at their events with the use of blanks and blank fire adapters. Their Cadres and leadership are all current or former military, who are able to provide a strong military experience.

Allowing the use of blank fire in their games, MilSim West is able to bring forth an immersion factor that is not present in any other milSim style game. Their games require participants to ruck in their gear, play 40 hours straight only relying on a military supply chain, set up military camps, and attempt to complete their faction’s military objective.

To understand how blank fire is used in MilSim West games, watch the accompanying video. I explain how blank fire is used to add immersion, extend the range of engagements, the MilSim West rules regarding the use of blank fire guns, and the safety precautions one must take when running a blank fire gun.

For those interested, /k/ and /asp/ will be joining together to form an entire Militia platoon for the Caspian Breakout in Perry Georgia at the Guardian Centers. Make sure to read the entire MilSim West TACSOP, and you can purchase tickets for “Cossack Militia (The Caspian Breakout)” here:

We are organizing under the name “Gruppa Clover”

You can join our planning group here:

Flandre S.

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