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LBT – Standard 3 Day Assault Pack (Woodland Camo)

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I have to admit I am a pack whore. What can I say, I just like tactical backpacks; from the cheesy Chinese knockoffs, to military surplus, and high-end commercial models. I even have my original ALICE medium backpack with frame that I purchased close to fifteen years ago. I am on the hunt for another backpack to add to the collection, so I was thrilled when I found out that London Bridge Trading (LBT) was having a three-day assault pack sale.

I found that several of their packs in various colors were on sale for around $100 USD after shipping.As I have mentioned in previous articles I am still a bit old school, so when I saw they had a limited supply of woodland I had to jump on it. Woodland camo has been making a comeback as the new black of the tactical world.

Three Day Assault Goodness Features Part

Woodland Pack all Wood patch needed, WoodPatch shout out

After doing my late night purchase of some three-day assault goodness, the pack arrived four days later with that fresh 1000D Cordura smell. The pack itself is a mid-sized backpack that according to their website can carry three days worth of mission essential supplies. The pack comes in weighing at a little bit over two and a half pounds, perfect if you’re lugging it around all day.

It features all the good stuff that and assault pack should have on it. Heavy duty external drag handle, hydration compatibility, and super thick shoulder pads.It also has a decent waist strap, a feature that is often looked over or done in a poor fashion by other manufacturers. If you have ever had to carry a heavy pack around for an extended period of time this is an important feature.  The cinch straps on each side have heavy duty buckles, to strap down your poncho or sleeping mat if you’re into comfort gear.

The pack is huge for a three-day mission pack. The main compartment could easily hold your gear plus your lewdest dakimakura for those cold nights on patrol against the commies. The secondary pouch is just as cavernous but small enough to place quickly grabbed equipment. The bag also came in two different variants, the virgin slick sided wannabe gray man and the chad superior external MOLLE webbing. I decided to go for the external MOLLE for adding attachments, like a canteen or double magazine pouch.

All the space

Mission Essential Equipment, [plus western cgi trash]

Pros and Cons

Like all bags no matter how awesome they are there are some pluses and minuses.

I loved the fact that after I packed three days’ worth of gear inside it fits comfortably on my back, with the foam padding conforming to my back. The heavy pack straps and waist strap helped distribute the load evenly while wandering around the mild 95-degree heat of a Texas afternoon.

The tough 1000D Cordura is something I like in my packs despite the weight; I know the fabric won’t tear or rip if I am running in the woods or slogging it out in the mud. I loved having the massive amount of storage space to pack what I needed. If you were smart about it you could easily pack a week’s worth of gear inside. Yes, I suffer from the bloated tick syndrome when it comes to my bags but I’ll carry the weight to have an extra snickers bar on a crappy day.

Sadly I do have some issues with the pack as a whole. The main thing is internal organization. I am just a little OCD when it comes to organizing my gear. I like to keep things put together so I know what I am grabbing for at any given time, and this is where the massive compartment of the LBT fails in my opinion. Unorganized gear shifts around when you’re moving a lot, and items like sheathed knives are notorious for suddenly ending up at the bottom of your pack in a time of need.  I would love to have seen some internal pockets for stashing my smaller items, although my solution are these smaller packing cubes you can get from Amazon for traveling works in a pinch

All hail the cube!


In all despite my bitching about organization this is a badass three-day bag. Currently, I am going to be using it as an extended get home bag. It’s tough, reliable and in a camo pattern that has seen a resurgence in recent years in professional circles. So if you’re looking for a good bag and got the cash to throw at it, consider the London Bridge Trading Standard Three Day Assault Pack.


London Bridge Trading Standard Three Day Pack

Patch by Woodpatch

RWBY: Official Manga Anthology, Vol. 1: RED LIKE ROSES

Travel Packing Cubes

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