SHOT Show Exclusive – Emperor Arms

While with the Power Trio (Sam, Christopher, and I), we stumbled across a rather unique booth at SHOT Show. The Emperor Arms booth. They deal in various shotguns both for hunting, self-defense and now conversion kits. What caught my eye was their .410 conversation kit for AR lower receivers. Matt from Emperor Arms was on hand to explain:

They also have two lines of Non-NFA shotguns, the Mogule (semi-auto 12 gauge), the Zeus (pump action 12 gauge) and finally their base model line The Duke (pump action 12 gauge). Each shotgun will come under $600 MSRP depending on the model.

Matt was also kind enough to show off another new product for their 2020 line up. The SHARK-12, a semi auto magazine fed 12-gauge shotgun.

Certainly an interesting line up of shotguns for the more economically friendly crowd. I do look forward to seeing how these perform. Kommandos, keep an eye on the blog for more news and videos from SHOT 2020.

Pierce Tomas

Pierce Tomas

Your typical Texan gun enthusiasts and wannabe writer who spent several years working as domestic security guard for private and government installations.

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