SHOT Show Exclusive – Emperor Arms

We stumbled across a rather unique booth at SHOT Show. The Emperor Arms booth. They deal in various shotguns both for hunting, self-defense and now conversion kits. What caught our eye was their .410 conversion kit for AR lower receivers.

They also have two lines of Non-NFA shotguns, the Mogul (semi-auto 12 gauge), the Zeus (pump action 12 gauge) and finally their base model line The Duke (pump action 12 gauge). Each shotgun will come under $600 MSRP depending on the model.

Matt was kind enough to show off another new product for their 2020 line up. The SHARK-12, a semi auto magazine fed 12-gauge shotgun.

Certainly an interesting line up of shotguns for the more economically friendly crowd. I look forward to seeing how they perform.

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2 Responses

  1. STRELOK says:

    Very interesting will follow

  2. Larry Wolfe says:

    I am looking for Magazines for an Emperor Noble 1 12 Ga. Not having much luck. Hope you guys can help me.

    Thanks a bunch,

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