SHOT Show Exclusive: Zenith’s Precision Rifles

Zenith has established a name for themselves with their affordable line of roller delayed rifles, and pistols built with the same machinery that was once used by Heckler & Koch. Today however, we learned they’re branching into a new area that seems out of place compared to their usual venue. Their new line of products features bolt action rifles for the hunter, sniper, and everyone in between.

The main draw is a service that allows you to send them your existing rifle; be it a new, never fired action or a well worn heirloom. You ship them the rifle and they build it to meet your demands with prices that start at only $50, but can quickly climb into the thousands. You can choose to renew grandpa’s hunting rifle and breathe new life into its bolt, or turn it into a tactical beast outfitted with rails, suppressors, a TIG-welded bolt handle, or even an M16 style extractor. If you aren’t sure what path to take they’re glad to provide suggestions, and when it’s all over they ship the completed project back to your doorstep.

In the event that you lack a rifle and don’t want to buy one to send it off, you can buy a completed rifle to suit your needs or desires. They’ll build you one from the ground up and ship it to your FFL to be picked up. Available offerings for order or upgrade include the venerable Remington 700, Savage rifles, etc., with new rifles for purchase starting in the $2000 range.

We were also able to get some insight regarding their existing options. Expect a strong supply of roller delayed options chambered in 9x19mm and 7.62x51mm. For now 5.56 is a low priority due to military production contracts. That said, if given the chance they hope to bring more 5.56 options into America.

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