SHOT Show Coverage Day 2

The TKB Team has been running hard and Day 2 of SHOT was no exception. We saw a lot of booths that ranged from amazing to comical. Here are a few companies that had cool stuff for us to see or news that you’ll find useful or interesting.

Starting with PPU, a terse interview with their representative revealed they have no plans to add 7.7 Arisaka ammunition to their lineup and have no plans to expand their current lineup of complete ammunition but would continue to provide 7.7 cases as ordered in bulk to Graf & Sons: The Reloading Authority.

3810B Plate from Hesco, Only 4 Pounds!

Hesco had a Level 3 Plus rifle plate floating in a fish tank! The 3810B is stand-alone rated to NIJ III standards but also tested to stop other threats including M855, 7.62×39 mild steel core, and 7.62x54R LPS. The B version adds an extra foam layer to make the plate neutrally buoyant and weighs only 4 pounds for the medium SAPI plate. They tested them by jumping into a pool so take your plate carrier the next time you go to the beach and leave the water wings at home!

Next up we took a look at Midwest Industries new chassis for the Ruger 10/22. Designed for both the Takedown and Standard variants, it features short and long lengths giving us 4 models for pistols and rifles, respectively.

Penultimate to our list is D&H Industries with a new magazine option. Best known for their affordable STANAG offerings touted by Palmetto State Armory, they are also the OEM manufacturer for the SCAR 16 and 17 magazines and now offer a 10 round 9×39 magazine. Conversions for AR15s in 9×39 have been growing in popularity but a reliable magazine has not been available before now. Their representatives stated a 20 round magazine is in development and a 30 round magazine may follow depending on demand.

Lastly, a chance encounter with someone from Rifle Dynamics let us know about a cool new part. While their rifles are featured in some booths to include Kalashnikov USA, they don’t have their own booth. But that didn’t stop us from finding out they announced a new adjustable gas block at a dinner Monday night. Jim Fuller knows AKs so for a price point around $150, this should be a great upgrade for anyone that runs a Kalashnikov.

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