Extremely Rare Spurdo Hi-Point Handgun

I understand you may have some questions. Maybe you’re thinking-


I’ll tell you the truth of how this amazing handgun became what it is. I put together a secret santa of the group of friends I’ve been playing video games with for almost six years. The rule was get close to $100 but try not to go over. Easy.

So one of those friends decides to go get a homicide evidence Hi-Point for something close to $80, polishes it up, does a few things to it and sends it to his noguns recipient. Tells his guy to go to the gunstore near him where there’s something in his name there. The recipient goes to the counter and inquires about a gun in his name and the employee grabs a hello kitty taped box that reeks of perfume. He asked why there was a “lumpy pringles guy” on the gun and the recipient just wanted to get his gift and leave. This is by far the strangest experience I’ve had with a gun. It was enjoyable to shoot but the thing is a damned Hi-Point.


Rybec is a Canadian citizen who loves firearms and video games.

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