KGKT Build: Introduction – The SG-43’s Hungarian cousin

Flandre S.

Flandre S.

Flandre is a gunsmith of 10 years. He specializes in slavshit and AK patterned rifles. /k/ weaboo that has an obsession with Gunsmith Cats and short rail CZ-75s. Married to the infamous trap Mugi-Chan.

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4 Responses

  1. Avatar Justin Kase says:

    I still don’t understand why one would go with the 870 trigger. Primarily for looks? Are you going to adapt a crank? I’ve been wondering is a binary trigger of some sort would be compatible.

    • Flandre S. Flandre S. says:

      The main problem with the AR trigger group is that it adds on a HUGE ugly box to the side of the receiver. You can see just how massive it is in retrospect to the receiver in this picture here ( So the idea is to make as slim and low profile as possible a trigger box system without any custom machining, and the idea is to use the 870 trigger group

  2. Avatar Reloader says:

    Part 2 when

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