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Lads and lassies, the Bacon is back after much too long an absence nae! First of all, ah’ve to repeat meself from the vijayo. I spoke ill o’ a few lads about the MLG Galil patch design and ah was wrong in soo many ways. There are multiple lads with permission to use that design so ah retract what ah previously said about them being counterfeit. Nae, with that out o’ the way, are ye ready to win this weekend’s contest? That’s right, this post is going live in time for you to enter this contest as well! Details are in the vijayo or you can go straight to the contest to enter. Just make sure to like Tactical Bacon Patches and Kawaii patches n stuff (the sponsor of this weekend’s vijayo and giveaway) on Facebook to be eligible to win.

Starting up the show today is a print that is not available on the website. That’s right, you can’t buy it, you have to win it! This lovely glossy print measures in at a massive 8.25″ wide by 6 inches tall and features Kawaii Patches’ tiger girl. It plays off the WWII slogan “en Svensk Tiger,” meaning the “Swedish Tiger,” or “a Swede keeps silent,” similar to the familiar American saying, “Loose Lips Sink Ships.” This would be great for putting in a frame and displaying on your bookshelf only to hide it when family visited.

Next on the list for giving away is a portrait print of the same lovely American lassie on the patch. She wields, in the words of General Patton, “The greatest battle implement ever devised.” While we may have since surpassed the technology and design, that magnificent weapon still gets a rise out of all of use when the en-bloc clip goes, “PING!” This print, like the other featured print, is 8.25″ tall by 6″ wide and features a nicely shiny gloss finish. It’s for sale but wouldn’t you rather get a chance to win this fine print?

Lastly, this contest features a morale patch for all ye lads and lassies to win! Admittedly, these patches are manufactured via printing and quite shiny. That said, those are the only detracting facets of these patches. They come in at a 3″ diameter with a merrowed border and the production quality is rather good barring any torture testing of these patches. This is the second patch from kawaii patches and the quality is the same. Extremely nice design but it’s a bit too photo-realistic for printed patches and suffers for it. That said, it’s rather nice and a good addition to anyone’s patch collection.

Thank you again for joining me for my post today. If you would like to buy any of these patches, you can find them for sale at Kawaii patches n stuff. My point of contact has said their future patches will use embroidered or fine woven manufacturing. If you enjoy what you’ve seen here today and look forward to seeing more of my articles or vijayos, please go support me on my Patreon or buy my patches. Have a great weekend and remember, cut towards your chum, not your thumb.

Sam Moore

Self-proclaimed to be the most sporadic writer for TKB, I simply likes guns and patches. So strap yourselves in for some high-octane tactical action with guns, patches, stickers, and musings what some would consider intellectual or inane. Oh, and it isn't really that high octane now that I think about it.

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