Angry Dog Noises (Patch Unboxing & Review)

Today’s vijayo features more offerings from my friend, WoodPatch. To be specific, it’s 3 of his newest items including a patch, a keychain, and a stand. If you’d like to see the items as they come out of the box, you can find my vijayo at the bottom of the page.

The first item in today’s order, going along with the order of my vijayo would be stands he rolled out. Plaques and portraits have been in his collection for a while now but there was no ideal way to display them. Some people put velcro on the back, others balanced them precariously on a ledge, and a few leaned them somewhat haphazardly against books on a bookshelf. Now, it isn’t anything revolutionary, just a small wooden stand offered in 3 sizes to fit his different products but they go together quite easily and you don’t notice them while they’re doing their job. They’re also now included with orders of plaques like the one pictured

Second on the scene would be Angry Dog Noises on laser engraved wood. It measures 2.375″ tall by 2.25″ wide. Naturally, there are slight differences between them because of the grain in the wood but the patch still captures the meme perfectly. You can make the letters and design out easily from the front or from an angle thanks to the 3rd dimension involved in making the patches and it displays well on a stand or patchwall. As always, they’re made to the same high quality as his other offerings.

Lastly, today’s order came with a WoodChan Pinched Keychain. It features his mascot character, WoodChan, in a pinched chibi format we’ve all seen before on other characters. It won’t support you swinging your keys around by grabbing it but it will survive being on your waist or in your pocket well enough. I already have a row of pvc pinched straps and keychains but to date WoodChan is the first I’ve taken around with me. And no, it’s not so I can always say, “I’ve got wood today.” All in all, it’s a fine addition to his lineup and rounds out the unboxing today quite nicely.

Note: While initially offered in single and double-sided styles, at the time of this posting only the single-sided options are currently available on his website.

Thank you again for joining me for my post today. If you enjoy what you’ve seen here today, please go support me on my Patreon. Have a great weekend and remember, don’t get bloody, cut towards your buddy.

The products displayed in today’s vijayo are on sale now at:

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