Got Wood?

Good afternoon to everyone, and welcome back for another review! The fine folks at Kawaii Patches n Stuff are sponsoring today’s vijayo for my honest opinion. In fact, they were so kind as to give me some swag to give away. Now, if you’re reading this it means the contest closed and it’s too late to win a free prize from this. However, there will be more giveaways in the future so if you go like my social media pages or subscribe to my YouTube channel, you’ll stay informed. Now, on with the show!

First up, we’ve got a big, and I mean BIG, print of their pin-up girl. It measures in at a whopping 6″ wide by 8.3″ tall! You’re going to need a picture frame for this one, lads and lassies. The matte finish is nice since it doesn’t reflect too much light when it’s on display. As far as merchandise goes it isn’t anything too special but that helps keep the price down. You can add her to your collection for $4.00 American and display her with pride. Again, this is a print, not a slap or sticker. No adhesive on the back of it, and I don’t think it would work too well in an outdoors environment. That said, you can channel your creativity and some Elmer’s for a nice book cover.

Second on the list is a smaller, more glossy printing of the above picture. This one measures at 4″ wide by 5.5″ tall and it feels just as smooth as glass. This would be great for a bookmark or hiding in a photo album for trolling someone. Again, we aren’t dealing with a sticker here so you might have to get a little creative with how you choose to display it.

The third and final print is just lovely and I almost wish I had kept it for myself. This one is the same, smaller size, also with a glossy finish. As I write this, these two are currently not for sale but will be at some point in the future. Some context on the autograph on the back seen in the vijayo, “En Svensk Tiger” can mean either “The Swedish Tiger” or “A Swede Stays Silent”, the latter of which is analogous to the classic “Loose Lips Sink Ships.” So it’s nice to look at and informative in this case.

Last in this quartet is what I know best, the “Got Wood?” morale patch. We’ll start with the bad on this patch which isn’t very much. It’s extremely shiny which hurts some of the finer details on her fingers and mouth. It also isn’t conducive to flash photography. Secondly, it’s printed which tends to not be as reliable as other production methods. It still makes an appealing display piece and for the average person that wears their morale patches out and about, it’ll last nicely. I’m glad to have one for my collection and enjoy how it looks on my backpack.

Thank you again for joining me for my post today and my congratulations to the winners of this contest. If you enjoy what you’ve seen here today, please go support me on my Patreon. Have a great weekend and remember, cut towards your chum, not your thumb.

Sam Moore

Self-proclaimed to be the most sporadic writer for TKB, I simply likes guns and patches. So strap yourselves in for some high-octane tactical action with guns, patches, stickers, and musings what some would consider intellectual or inane. Oh, and it isn't really that high octane now that I think about it.

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