SLR-107R – The Best Bang for Your Buck



Makzimiser is a Kalashnikov & camo autist based in the central US.

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4 Responses

  1. Julius says:

    Is it just poor jealous people claiming Arsenals are inferior to WASRs? Mainstream AK groups tend to covet Arsenals while /k/ seems to bash them.

    • Mike Edwards says:

      not really. Most people won’t say an Arsenal 107r is inferior to a WASR, just that the 107r’s are overpriced. A 107r is your basic combloc AK, so is a WASR. HOWEVER Wasr’s are under $600 (as low as $535 recently) while 107r’s are $850+…. the only difference between a 107r and a WASR 10 is the furniture. You have Century’s cheap, cruddy furniture on the WASR, and the decent polymer stuff on the 107…. $80-$100 and you can change that out, buy a case of ammo and STILL come out under than the 107r’s asking price….. for the same gun for all intents and purposes. If Arsenal priced it at $650…. THEN it would be competitive. As someone who has had both a WASR and 107r…. they’re the same quality of rifle (minus furniture of course)

  2. Casey Math says:

    My SLR107R is fine and I can manage sub 2″ groups at 100yds using a cheapie bug buster scope I had laying around. I did just drop in an ALG enhanced trigger group and also ordered a NATO length stock due to my 6’5″ height/arm length. Superbly reliable and the build quality is superb of course and I dont have to give any money to the thieves at Century

  3. Harjeet singh says:

    is it possible to change the fixed stock and install a folding one?

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