SLR-107R – The Best Bang for Your Buck



Makzimiser is a Kalashnikov & camo autist based in the central US.

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  1. Avatar Julius says:

    Is it just poor jealous people claiming Arsenals are inferior to WASRs? Mainstream AK groups tend to covet Arsenals while /k/ seems to bash them.

    • Avatar Mike Edwards says:

      not really. Most people won’t say an Arsenal 107r is inferior to a WASR, just that the 107r’s are overpriced. A 107r is your basic combloc AK, so is a WASR. HOWEVER Wasr’s are under $600 (as low as $535 recently) while 107r’s are $850+…. the only difference between a 107r and a WASR 10 is the furniture. You have Century’s cheap, cruddy furniture on the WASR, and the decent polymer stuff on the 107…. $80-$100 and you can change that out, buy a case of ammo and STILL come out under than the 107r’s asking price….. for the same gun for all intents and purposes. If Arsenal priced it at $650…. THEN it would be competitive. As someone who has had both a WASR and 107r…. they’re the same quality of rifle (minus furniture of course)

  2. Avatar Casey Math says:

    My SLR107R is fine and I can manage sub 2″ groups at 100yds using a cheapie bug buster scope I had laying around. I did just drop in an ALG enhanced trigger group and also ordered a NATO length stock due to my 6’5″ height/arm length. Superbly reliable and the build quality is superb of course and I dont have to give any money to the thieves at Century

  3. Avatar Harjeet singh says:

    is it possible to change the fixed stock and install a folding one?

    • Avatar /k/ommando says:

      If you want the Arsenal AK-100 stock a trunnion change would be needed along with cutting in the receiver and some other hardware. These tend to bring the price around to where a good condition used folding stock one is (there are no new ones (except the few Kvar got of the SLR-107CR(which I got))). That’s if you have the tools and do it yourself, now figure in gunsmithing charges if you aren’t able. You can still switch it to other fixed trunnion folding stocks though, they just won’t be the right ones. This will make me do what I did seeing his rifle and get a strange feeling in my stomach when I see the old furniture with a 90° gas block that only go together on AK-74s.

    • Avatar /k/ommando says:

      Yes but it is too much work and not worth it (expensive conversion) just track down a folder

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