Review: Rōnin Tactics Task Force Belt

Above is my quick video review on the Ronin Tactics Task Force belt.

In short the Ronin Tactics Task Force belt is a well made, low profile, sturdy belt able to retain your gun and other gear during various operations whether in competition, duty use, or meme-tier flexposting. Also covered are the bits of kit I decided to add onto this platform, including: Mechanix Gloves, G-Code Soft Shell Scorpion mag caddies w/ the P2 and R2 clips, Dark Angel IFAK, and Safariland ALS holster for the Glock 19.

Music Used:
-ONI (OST) Track 03 “East Wind”
-ONI (OST) Track 02 “Trailer”

Always remember to stay tactically kawaii!
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Ivan Hiew

frontier.setter is the original TacticallyKawaii™ YouTuber that specializes in aesthetic but informative videos of the firearm variety. He has a natural affinity for H&K guns and vintage anime.

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