Bear Arms N’ Bitcoin 2020

As you may have heard, Guns N’ Bitcoin is hosting a brand new conference in regard to *who would’ve guessed* Firearms and Crypto! Since we’re an official partner of Bear Arms N’ Bitcoin 2020, I had the pleasure of calling Ragnar, the Chief Range Officer, to ask a few questions about the event and get a clear picture of what exactly BAB2020 is planned to be, why he founded the event, and to shed light on some of the ideas/concepts behind the conference.

Bear Arms N' Bitcoin 2020, Austin, Texas

What is BAB2020?

On the simplest of terms, BAB2020 is a two day conference with a focus on freedom. Firearms and cryptocurrency are two of the most important tools for ensuring freedom on two fronts. Many great speakers are attending with the goal of sharing their projects and life’s work. Attendees are encouraged to get involved in “freedom tech”. The presenters’ main goal is to provide attendees with the tools and info to fight censorship in a world that’s becoming more authoritarian by the day.


One of my favorite aspects of this conference is that, unlike many other so called “privacy minded” conferences, BAB actually cares about your privacy. In addition to a throwaway email and face coverings, Bear Arms & Bitcoin has recommended a slew of different ways to protect your identity and privacy at their event. Event staff actively encourages you to pay in person with cash or crypto using a fake name (I for one can’t wait to see how many Theodore J. Kaczynski’s show up).

Fake Driver's License
I want you to stop and think if other conferences would allow you to use this, because there aren’t many, and this would be hilarious.

Why is BAB ‘in-person’ only?

Naturally, I was curious about some points of the event, and asked Ragnar why presenters wouldn’t be recorded. I also posed the question as to why folks are encouraged to fly into Austin for physical attendance of the conference.
He explained to me the benefits of an in-person event:

Genuine privacy for attendees
Being able to see for yourself and observe the firearms shown
The spirit of experiencing what the event has to offer among like-minded individuals

What will TKB be doing there?

We’re going to be selling merch and interviewing some of the presenters who are excited to tell us about their experiences as a speaker and attendee at BAB2020. We’re proud to be an official sponsor. Make sure to stop by and say hello!

What does the future hold for BAB?

I asked Ragnar a rather difficult question, “what do you think BAB is going to be like in 5 years?” Ragnar told me about some of what he believes the future holds: “In five years everything oppressive and malevolent will be worse; gun laws are going to be worse, the government will give itself even more power against the citizenry and continue expanding. Taxes will be higher, and frankly, there’s no avoiding or denying that we currently live in a cyberpunk dystopia” (but not even the cool type where you’re in raining neon Chinatown eating noodles). It’s unlikely that the situation will improve. But there’s a silver lining.

Cyberpunk Dystopia
If we at least had more neon this would be bearable.

Ragnar has brought BAB to the table. A conference designed to equip individuals with the tools and skills for the difficult future ahead. An event helping those who are seeking new ideas and concepts in guns and crypto to actively develop solutions to future challenges.

Imagine if Bear Arms & Bitcoin existed one, two, or even three or more years ago. Imagine how much more developed the 3D printed guns sphere and Bitcoin alternatives would have been. Regardless, much progress has been made in the way of crypto currency and 3D printed firearms as of the past few years.

The best date to plant a tree was 20 years ago, and the second best time is today. Here at TKB we can’t wait to see what’s in store for these privacy based conferences. We are honored to have the chance of assisting Bear Arms & Bitcoin prosper as an annual event for years to come.

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