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The 5×5 is another “beginner” level drill, similar to The Test, that can be deceptively challenging. Shooters won’t need to change magazines, move, or even have access to double digit distance ranges to start working on this drill.

The Setup

The target for 5×5 is simply any five inch circle; I typically either use the black portion of a B8 (being 5.5 inches, only use the inner half of the 9 ring), or THIS target courtesy of Lucky Gunner. A single iteration of the drill requires five rounds. Technically shooters should go through the 5×5 five times to check for consistency, so bring at least 25 rounds. Place your target at five yards, then from low ready, fire five rounds into the target within the par time of five seconds. Five rounds, five yards, five inch circle, five seconds, five iterations. For single action guns, add an extra 0.5 seconds for each round you’ll fire.

5x5 Drill B8

Scoring the 5×5 Drill

Passing is zero misses within the five second time limit. Repeat to insure your first results weren’t a fluke. Line breaks count as hits. To up the difficulty, start from the holster, or shorten the par time.

Range Time

The 5×5 was the first drill I ever tried on my own, and the first drill I ever passed. While it was extremely disappointing to get something like 2/5 and break time my first few attempts, it was awesome to finally pass. Like with The Test, accuracy and speed are critical, but the shorter distance and lower round count make the 5×5 a little easier for those less experienced. The reduced ammo bill also makes this drill easier on the wallet for the few Poors who actually train.

Try the 5×5 for yourself and let us see how you did by posting to Discord, Facebook, Instagram, or one of our other social media platforms!

Daniel R.

Daniel is a Range Master and NRA certified handgun and rifle instructor and range safety officer, as well as a USPSA pistol and Multi-Gun competitor. He has received training from Craig Douglas, Mike Pannone, and Scott Jedlinski among others.

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