AWCY’s Hybrid 3D Printed Scorpion EVO

Introducing AWCY’s Scorpion EVO, a hybrid 3D printed firearm that utilizes an OEM bolt, barrel, standard screws & springs, a printed receiver, and printed furniture. The first major firearm release from AWCY, a newcomer in the gun CAD universe alongside FOSSCAD and Deterrence Dispensed. They’re a closed group focused on designing open source home-built firearms and accessories for the masses.

3D Printed Scorpion EVO - Orange

If you pick up one of the factory guns from the store, you’ll be able to tell exactly why AWCY decided to take up this project: It’s practically designed to be adapted to a 3D printer. The Scorpion uses a clamshell upper not unlike that of an airsoft gun to encase the bolt/slide assembly, hold the stock, and secure the barrel assembly. All this while maintaining a degree of manufacturability that delivers a skull caving creation with efficient ease from the CZ factory, or at home. With a 3D printer, AWCY has taken another step in the emancipation of the people, and has placed yet another nail in American Gun Control’s coffin.

3D Printed Scorpion EVO Translucent Blue

When asked why the Scorpion was chosen as a project, Vityaz, a member of the AWCY Keybase responded:

“Well I’m sure the others might have their own reasons or input. But I think the Scorp started basically from V8 having an extra FCG… So he decided to start modeling it. I believe he and sc0rp (an AWCY member) got the lower going first. Then everyone else kinda came in as it grew. I think insertmeow modeled the PSA mags on his own before he entered the dev team. The project kinda just took off since the scorpion seems to be a really well fit design to 3dp. It basically turned into a goal to make as much of it printable as possible and to reproduce as many aftermarket parts for it as possible. Each one of the devs basically made or finished a few of the parts. It was truly a group effort.”

3D Printed Scorpion EVO Upper

When asked about the development process insertmeow chimed in:

“It felt like a whirlwind of activity (in a good way), it really started accelerating during the initial COVID-19 shutdown. It seemed like a new part was being generated and refined nearly every day.”

v8twin added to this, saying:

“Still in awe of how fast the main part of dev went.
yeah the dev went crazy fast and most of the time we spent was trying to get stuff precise like the folding stock lol.”


Assembly is a fairly straightforward process that involves placing all the parts in the clamshell and screwing the two halves together.

3D Printed Scorpion EVO Exploded

Luckily for us AWCY pulled out all the stops for this release, and in addition to making the files public, they also included a comic book that offers step by step instructions on how to put it together.

Scorp Comic 01
Scorp Comic 02

This is real. They made a comic book with scorpion clipart explaining how to put it together. This is an actual thing.


First test firing of the platform

On a legally registered machine gun receiver, a total of 1374 rounds were fired in 4 hours.

3235 total rounds have been fired between the various examples that exist within the AWCY dev group.

If the idea of printing your own CZ scorpion doesn’t get you rock hard, a number of additional modifications and accessories might interest you. In it’s printed guise the scorpion is as customizable as an AR15. Numerous hand guards in both free float and barrel nut styles, grips, stock/arm braces, and printable mags.

3D Printed Scorpion 50 Round Magazine
Printed 50 Round Mag for the Scorpion

There are many different accessories and peripherals made for the Scorpion platform made by the AWCY Scorp Dev Team: handguards, stocks and braces, magazines, and grips. Additional peripherals have also been created independently by DD2 members such as Vinh Nguyen, who has done new style trigger shoes, mag releases, and also an improved selector that doesn’t bite into your hand. Should you dislike how the OEM grips feel but can’t justify the price for an aftermarket one. You can just download and print your own much more comfortable pistol grip.

3D Printed Scorpion EVO Pistol

What’s Next For AWCY?

When asked about what other projects AWCY has in the pipeline, the sole response was “Main Battle Rifle”.

Article authored by PRKR and Karver of TKB

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9 Responses

  1. Shootsmith says:

    Awesome, but where can we get the parts kit? OEM bolt, barrel, standard screws & springs?

    • YAJAY says:

      you can get the bolt, barrel, and barrel nut from cz directly, although they aren’t always in stock and sometimes finding them on their website is a little wonky. You can also order them on other websites and you dont need an oem barrel. You do need a trigger but any cz scorpion trigger will work. the screws you can either order or get at a hardware store and the springs and roll pins you might find at a hardware store but it might be easier to order. When you download the zip file and extract it, it will tell you all the parts you need in the comic. Also these work with a stock evo lower if you already have one and are too lazy/ want to test the upper before you print the lower. If you have a cnc machine you can make the bolt for it as well as they gave the stl file for that but obviously its not a part you should 3d print. Hope this helps.

  2. Chris Banakis says:

    Not sure who or where to ask, but mine is done with one small exception.

    The collapsible folding stock/brace.

    As far as extending and collapsing, there the one hole in the body, then 4 in the actual stock/brace.

    So obviously, you can set it at various lengths.

    But is the length setting pretty much permanent via roll-pin or screw?

    Or am I missing some kind of spring-loaded lever/button release doohicky?

    Seems odd that it would have multiple holes for different positions in the brace if it’s a more permanent setting, cause you could just drill one hole wherever you want to set it up.

    And everything else is has spring-loaded, button release, etc.

    Also, the bottom of the body has an opening that appears to have no purpose, so maybe something goes in there that pushes and pulls a pin to release and engage?

    I feel like I’m missing something.

  3. tradercamel says:

    I would like to get the files for 3d printing. what else do i need to start?

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