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Bantam: URAGONER is a cyberpunk RPG game including lewd Dating-Sim & Visual Novel elements with art by Kuso. We’re trying to make a high quality game with adult elements and an anime style futuristic aesthetic.

What platforms will the game be available on?

Bantam: URAGONER will be available on Windows, MacOS initially and then hopefully we can get on Steam and some other digital distribution platforms if possible. We’re also looking to get on consoles in some form when we reach a 1.0 (probably censored).

How did you come up with the name for the game? 

Bantam: Well Kuso is from the Philippines and he came up with the name. Uragon means someone with moxie, daring, guts, creativity, knowledge, know-how but the root word Urag means sexual drive. We thought it was pretty clever so we kept it. URAGONER is pretty much “Ur-a-goner” though!

Who are the artists involved in the dev process?

Kuso: I made all of the in-game art that was in the prototype, but now that we have a bit of funding, we’ve started hiring artists for things like character art, promotional material, backgrounds and environments. We are currently working with/have worked with artists like BSApricot, Pencilanon, Buttoniris, Hexun, XFlameR, Donburi, and Ge-b.

Can you explain the weapons customization a bit?

Kuso: For now, [we] want the player to be able to accessorize their weapons in terms of what attachments they want to add to their guns. Sights, fore-grips, laser modules, magazine types, stocks, that sort of thing. Stuff like swapping barrels between weapons, upper receivers, lowers, etc. might come at a later date.

How hard was it to break into the indie market?

Kuso: All I did really was release a few character designs to my audience to see how they react to it, and the feedback was very positive. At that point we knew we had something good in our hands. We went straight to work on a prototype and from then on it was just a matter of making sure our announcement trailer was going to be as exciting as possible by showing off the best of what our game had to offer.

Were there any unique challenges gaining support, or was there more substantial interest in the game than you thought?

Bantam: Yeah we didn’t expect the amount of support we have received so far especially at this stage. I think the biggest challenge is being willing to put your work out there. Are people going to like it? Did I waste my time? That kind of mental challenge.

How do you reference the firearms, gear, and accessories depicted in the game? Online pictures? Airsoft? The real deal?

Kuso: It’s a combination of all three. We visit forums, blogs, and YouTube channels dedicated to weapons and gear. I also play airsoft with my friends and visit the range on a regular basis to shoot real steel. In addition to that, we purchase 3D models from sites like Sketchfab and talk to our friends who are former/current military, law enforcement, or just gun enthusiasts in general.

Did you know you were going to end up making a game?

Bantam: Not Really, me and Kuso have been friends for over 10 years. We’re both freelancers working on other people’s projects, I do programming mostly for business clients. A few years ago I told him that I think we’d work really well together on a project as we have similar attitudes and approach to working.

How did you both (the developers) meet?

Bantam: We’ve been friends for over 10 years due to our mutual interests, we’re both freelancers by day working on other people’s content. I’m a programmer and he’s an artist. A while ago I offered that if he wanted to work on a project together I thought we would work really well together. Our schedules finally aligned earlier this year so we decided that it’s now or never and brainstormed what we would really like in a game and that’s what we have with URAGONER. Our mission statement has been to make a fun game that we want to play!

A question from a fan: How do you plan to avoid feature creep? As a crowdfunded game, with what appears to be a fairly active fan/anticipation community, I’d worry that it’s easy to over promise and overreach, then turn into a quagmire. How clear and solid is [your] planned feature list that will be in the release?

Bantam: I have a decade of experience managing software projects and we’re limiting our scope to specific manageable milestones, our first release feature set is more or less set in stone. I know when to draw the line. I enjoy delivering products!

Will there be support following the release, with DLC type extended material? If so, will this include more characters, more story content, more features or …?

Bantam: We have a plan for a 1.0 release with the city complete, after that if there’s interest we have plans for extra girls and features depending on feedback.

How far do you plan to go with the characters and designs? Things like cyborgs/androids/aliens possibly. Do you plan to please a lot of crowds with a good diversity of girls to keep things fresh and entertaining?

Kuso: Of course. One of the most requested requested features on our discord is the addition of foxgirls. Androids and cyborgs are definitely in, and we’re even considering adding some supernatural elements in later updates similar to the Shadowrun series.

Do you have any tips for people wanting to start out drawing/programming?

Kuso: Pick a subject that you like, and spend your free time practicing. For drawing, the barrier to entry is very low. All you need is a pencil and paper. Don’t be afraid to use references, both from real life and from various forms of media.

If you’d like to support Uragon Games, check them out on Patreon and Discord.

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