This One Is Mine: Walther P38



Friendly neighborhood contributor and spiritual guide for Kommando Blog. Niodox lends a process analysis mind to firearm and military related topics and hopes to help develop the methods, mentality, and philosophy to pursue firearms as a hobby and lifestyle in an increasingly interconnected and rapidly changing world.

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  1. Avatar Carl R. Comstock says:

    Got a cyq P38 for 60 dollars in 1961 at a pawn shop just north of Fort Campbell Ky. 60 bucks was big money for an impoverished Pfc. That meant no beer and cigarette money for a month but I survived and still have the pistol. Post army, I did a lot of deer hunting in Vermont with Grandfathers trapdoor Springfield .45-70 and brought the P-38 as backup in bear country, but the scariest thing in the woods was a pair of N.Y. hunters!. I’ve felt your pain and joy and still shoot the oldtimer now and then. It stays in the family!

  1. June 29, 2017

    […] first thing we tried was his P38, and it did okay given the circumstances.  Though it still felt like I was […]

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