A Fractured Country: My Visit to the DMZ



Rybec is a Canadian citizen who loves firearms and video games.

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6 Responses

  1. Avatar Galahad Threepwood says:

    Its good to see something here that isn’t patches or flash lights. Real good product.

  2. Avatar Julius says:

    That museum part takes me back. Do they still have the Samsung tank factory display?

    • Rybec Rybec says:

      There was a large portion being worked on inside. Maybe 50 people working on construction in a large room so I’m guessing that’s what that was. Bummer that I missed out on that.

  3. Avatar John Murphy says:

    Anyone else see that cute Asian girl in the museum pic?

  4. Avatar Bob_Dole says:

    Great article, can’t wait to travel there when I get the chance!

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