FAST – Pistol Drill

We recently picked up the FAST (Fundamentals, Accuracy, Speed Test), developed by the late Todd Louis Green, as one of our shooting “standards” when we hit the range. It’s a low-round count drill but it really forces you to focus on your fundamentals in order to make a good score.

The drill is shot cold at 7 yards as follows:

1.) Draw and shoot (2) rounds into the 3.5 in. box or “credit card”
2.) Execute a slide lock reload
3.) Shoot 8 in. circle with (4) rounds

For shooting (6) rounds total, you get a lot of good fundamental work in: draw stroke, controlled headshots, a reload and a rapid string of fire – All this while trying to make good hits under a time constraint.

It’s a great way to get a measurable metric about your handgun ability – my personal best (video above) is a 7.85, clean, putting me in the “Intermediate” bracket.

Printable target and scoring info can be found here.

Go out, shoot it, and see where your handgun skills stack up!


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