The Concealed Carry Shirt: Buyer Beware



Recent Engineering Management graduate and a small time Milsurp (and Lego) collector. If you're looking to learn about militaria and camouflage, I'm your guy.

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3 Responses

  1. Niodox Niodox says:

    I really think the flare gun is an under rated choice of CCW. A 26.5mm East German rocket flare is pretty much the pinnacle of stopping power.

    • Avatar UPCCODE says:

      Well.. it’s not like somebody wants to stop and think about the implications of a man defending himself with a single fireball.

  1. July 10, 2018

    […] at the 11o’clock position next to my G19. For our larger readers, you may want to wear an undershirt, as the knurled handle of the SOFT-T could dig into your gut causing some discomfort. That being […]

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