Gun Rights Organizations Need Support Now More Than Ever

The 20th of January has arrived, and considering how at the time of writing there are no military led (Q)oups it certainly would appear that we’re heading towards the most anti-freedom administration America has ever had the displeasure to see.

Thus I feel like it’s my duty to remind all of our readers that it is not the time to engage in mere slacktivism by only posting anti-ATF memes and wearing noncompliance t-shirts (although this is certainly good for normalization of peaceful noncompliance) but by actively getting involved, both by supporting Gun Rights organizations that genuinely deserve it (more on this later) and by helping new gun owners. You can do this by teaching them how to buy ammunition that’s not overpriced and by offering advisement on acquiring quality firearms. Gun safety is paramount of course.

Shooting An 80% AR-15 at Bear Arms N' Bitcoin Range Day
TKB at its core has always been about providing information and reviews for the layman so that he/she can learn about the industry and make good decisions based on our experiences.

2020 (and likely 2021) has created new first time gun owners like never before. It’s our duty to assist them because in helping new gun owners we are helping the 2nd amendment as a whole and strengthening the gun rights movement in America.

It is also very important to personally get involved both by mailing your representatives and by voting in candidates that genuinely believe in the 2nd Amendment (and freedom as a whole). Additionally, we need to see more 2nd Amendment sanctuaries in both states and their subsequent counties. It falls on us to propose legislation on the local level to ensure that our freedoms aren’t trampled by anyone. You might think that it’s useless to get involved locally and that the fight is only on the federal level, but this is a fight that’s fought by the smallest minority, the individual (P.S. check out Atlas Arms). From the individual, counties, states, to the entirety of America, and perhaps even a message of freedom across the world.

Simply put, in a world plagued by tyranny those whose goals are for liberty just can’t afford to sit idly by.

FGC-9 MkII Render
The FGC-9 is a reminder as to why Gun Control is dead and it serves as a leading example for unabashed freedom across the world.

So to recap, these are the ways you can (and should) fight for freedom:

  • Helping out the wealth of new gun owners through training, guidance and acceptance (even if they’re open at first to some gun control, it falls on us to calmly and respectfully explain why these are bad ideas and instill the values of freedom on them, tact goes a hell of a long way in this).
  • Supporting Gun Rights Organizations that are actually fighting for the 2nd and not wasting your money on expensive suits or in bending the knee when it’s convenient.
    Here are some organizations we believe are not only 100% uncompromising but also are fighting for lost ground. They are very much worthy of your support:

    Firearms Policy Coalition
    Gun Owners of America
    Second Amendment Foundation
    – And don’t forget to support your local state gun rights organization!
  • Voicing your views to your local mayor, sheriff, and county.
  • Voting for real freedom loving individuals: Don’t vote for a “D” or “R” symbol, but rather for someone that which you genuinely believe stands against both the government and corporations jeopardizing your God given rights.
  • Proposing legislation for making your town or city a 2nd Amendment sanctuary.

America is now facing a dark age with arguably the most anti-freedom administration in its history. Now is the time to stay strong and give it our all. Fight for everything you hold dear, as they won’t be holding back, and neither shall we. If there are any national gun rights organizations you feel are worth supporting, or if I failed to point out ways we can fight for our rights, please feel free to drop your thoughts in the comments section below and share this article. God bless you all.

Check out our friends and partners here. They’re all great people.

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