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The Fundamentals, Accuracy, and Speed Test, or FAST, is an intermediate level drill designed to test your skills under pressure. More challenging than The Test, but not quite to the level of Hateful 8.

The Setup

You’ll need two targets, two magazines, and a timer to shoot FAST. An 8″ circle represents the high center chest, and a 3×5 index card represents the nasal ocular cortex (T-Zone, Brain Box, whatever) of the head. For those of you wanting a single target, there is a dedicated FAST target, though it requires less common 11×14 paper. I prefer to use a B8 bullseye for the chest, but many people substitute a paper plate.

Place your target at seven yards, then load one magazine with two rounds, and another with four rounds. Pistol starts in the holster with the two round magazine inserted. On the beep, draw and fire two rounds into the 3×5 index card. Perform a slidelock reload, then fire your remaining four rounds into the 8″ circle. Once your second magazine runs dry, you’ve completed FAST.

Scoring FAST

Shooters completing FAST in 10 or more seconds are considered a Novice. 7-10 Seconds rates you Intermediate. 5-7 Seconds is Advanced. Below 5 seconds earns you the top position as an Expert. Each round missing the index card adds a two second penalty, and each missing the circle adds a one second penalty.

The FAST is meant to be fired from concealment, so open carriers will add a half second to their overall time. If your holster or magazine pouches have flap tops, remove a half second from your time and get better equipment you poor.

Range Time

I don’t often have the chance to shoot FAST due to restrictions on magazine changes at the ranges I frequent, but I shoot it every chance I get. My first attempts had me sitting on the fast side of intermediate. My final run put me right at 7 seconds, but a missed headshot put me up to 9 with penalties.

Speeding on the index card or rushing after the reload will quickly degrade performance. Keep a cool head and focus on the sights, and you’ll be cleaning the drill in no time!

Try shooting The Test for yourself and let us see how you did by posting to DiscordFacebookInstagram, or one of our other social media platforms!

Daniel R.

Daniel is a Range Master and NRA certified handgun and rifle instructor and range safety officer, as well as a USPSA pistol and Multi-Gun competitor. He has received training from Craig Douglas, Mike Pannone, and Scott Jedlinski among others.

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