VanQuest’s ENVOY 3.0 Messenger Bag

Full Disclosure: VanQuest sent us this bag for test and evaluation purposes. We were glad to take the opportunity to explore this everyday carry option. Here’s my honest review.

My initial impression of messenger bags was that they typically fit a few flat items for light everyday carry. The ENVOY changed my perspective on the limitations. It can easily double as a backpack with the amount of items that can be strategically placed inside. The additional strap for secure carrying aids to this multi-usability factor. As far as materials go, It’s made with a 1,000-D Mil-grade Cordura® fabric, water-repellent Teflon®, and fabric protector by DuPont®. That’s a mouthful, but from my inspection the bag is noticeably tougher than simple nylon messenger bags.  It held up to light rain just fine, keeping the contents inside noticeably dry. The included components make organizing very easy for those who require a specific setup for their EDC items.

If the name didn’t already imply that this is VanQuest’s third iteration of their popular ENVOY messenger bag, then I feel that it is worth stating the differences and improvements that the ENVOY 3.0 brings to the table. The 3.0 includes two collapsible bottle holders built in to both ends of the bag that can fit up to 32oz bottles comfortably. The bag features a “MOLLE-Air structure” that is loop faced on its front velcro area. There was also an upgrade to the internal loop fields for  CCW organization.

My personal opinion dictates that a CCW firearm shouldn’t be carried anywhere off of my body. I’ll leave you with a separate article to look at which states reasons as to why it isn’t a preferable carry option:

But this doesn’t mean that the bag can’t be used to carry firearms to and from the shooting range. I think that the ENVOY serves well as a range bag for your handguns or PDWs, with plenty of room to spare in the various compartments for your various accessories, mags, and ammunition. The bag is certainly capable of carrying cased handguns for added security. If you choose to CC any handguns in this bag, there are accessories you can buy separately from VanQuest that make organizing your setup a simple process.

The drop-in organizer insert is extremely useful and sports a high-visibility orange color for handling in low light.

● The Exterior Size: 11″ (H) x 17″ (W) x 7″ (D)
● Main Compartment (Interior): 10″ (H) x 16″ (W) x 6″ (D)

More pockets visible when opening the flap. 4 of which are good for pens and pencils.

Would I recommend this bag to someone?

This depends entirely on two things

What is your task and purpose for the messenger bag?

Are you a businessman, student,  photographer, or a tactical courier? I can see this bag being most useful to those who carry an assortment of large and small items everyday, but would like to rock a different aesthetic. A common benefit to these bags is how easy and comfortable it is to carry laptops in them. And say I need to retrieve an item in a crowded area or I’m in a hurry,  I’d like to have easy access to the contents of my bag without having to take it off of my body.  Though to be honest, the choice between a messenger bag and backpack is going to come down to the taste of the individual. My personal use would be a range bag for handguns and PDWs.

Are you willing to spend $145 on “the best” or settle for a similar item at a lower cost?

If money isn’t an issue, and you have found a viable purpose to carry a messenger bag then I would most certainly recommend the ENVOY 3.0 to you. You can’t do much better in terms of material quality and durability, so there is little reason to spend more than the MSRP price for this product. If you want the best, this is honestly it. You will be rewarded with a long lasting product rather than a cheaper bag that will inevitably fall apart.

The specific bag color featured in this article is “Wolf Gray”. VanQuest offers the item in Black and Coyote Tan as well. For more in depth information, you can view the product by clicking the image below, or visit

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