Lewd Elves Inside

I’ve got wood! Okay, it’s actually all embroidered today. Many thanks to Woodpatch for sending me awesome patches when I give him money. Today’s order was a small one so the video was commensurate in length. He’s also changed his packaging for patches and replaced the old plastic bags with self adhesive ones so any current and future orders will have even more security for the items.

Today’s video starts with a lewd elf. Or rather, an elf that is quick to recognize lewdness. This is an embroidered patch that measures 3″ in diameter. It comes with velcro affixed to the back via adhesive and a merrowed border. One thing I really like about this patch is how expressive her face is despite only using gray-scale. One thing that really helps is the embroidery makes it three-dimensional, giving visible and tactile high and low points. All in all, an excellent patch that looks awesome on my backpack.

Next on the list is a smaller patch, the Woodchan Heart Patch. Measuring at a svelte 1.5″x2.5″, it’s small enough to fit on a small patch of loop panel but like Woodchan’s chest, big enough to really get your attention. It’s embroidered so you can feel all 3 dimensions on it, be it the details on the flannel or her cleavage and the shirt that partially covers it. It also showcases her M1 Carbine and wood chopping axe. Don’t worry, your hardwood is safe from her.

Last for our viewing pleasure is our favorite Gadsden Snek, Miia of Monster Musume fame. This is one of the coolest patch ideas I’ve seen in my past 3 years of collecting morale patches. It’s actually 3 embroidered patches measuring 2.625″ at their tallest. The tail is 2.5″ wide, the head and torso are 5″ wide, and the star of the show, the repeatable midsection, is 2.5″ wide. You can put together the tail and torso for a short patch, you can buy the set that’s 10″ wide all together, or you can string them together until you run out of space and/or money. Woodpatch also offers a wooden plaque that comes with the patch set and takes inspiration from Benjamin Franklin’s “Join or Die” for the perfect way to display your Snek.

Thank you again for joining me for my post today. If you enjoy what you’ve seen here today, please go support me on my Patreon. Patches aren’t cheap to buy every week. Have a great weekend, stay safe, and remember, don’t get bloody, cut, err, tear, towards your buddy!

Sam Moore

Self-proclaimed to be the most sporadic writer for TKB, I simply likes guns and patches. So strap yourselves in for some high-octane tactical action with guns, patches, stickers, and musings what some would consider intellectual or inane. Oh, and it isn't really that high octane now that I think about it.

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