Fireforce Ventures Review

Bearing the crest of the RLI, this patch is a must have

Something good has come out of the land of Trudeau, a milsurp shop focusing on old school gear that fits the Current Year. Founded in July 2016 by three serving members of the Canadian Armed Forces, Fireforce Ventures aims to fill all your Bush War dreams. They’re active on Instagram and Facebook, so make sure to follow them for the latest updates.

I recently ordered their reproductions of the Rhodesian Security Forces uniform along with a couple patches and range cap. If you live in the Southern US, it takes around a week for your order to arrive.

Rhodesian Flag Tactical Patch and Rhodesian Light Infantry Patch

Show off your loyalty to an obscure and forgotten nation by wearing this flag

Both patches are 2×3” in size and are of good quality. I picked up the flag patch when it was first released, and my only gripe with it is that the middle bar is slightly larger than the other two. This is not a big deal, along with it not being as stiff as other patches. The RLI patch is perfect and is a lot stiffer than the flag patch. If you’re looking for more patches to add to your collection, these would be an excellent addition. They’ll look great on a hat, PC, or wall panel. Fireforce Ventures has recently released a Rhodesian Foreign Legion patch.

Range Cap

Made in the ‘contractor’ style this hat is perfect to wear out in the Bush, range, and since vintage camo is making its way into everyday wear you won’t look out of place wearing it in town. The Velcro loop backing on the front is 2.8×2.1” and is great for displaying patches. The fastener on the back of the cap is Velcro and it is one size fits all. The hat is a little bigger than other contractor style hats and the material is stiffer compared to other caps.  The Brushstroke pattern is brighter than actual Rhodie Brushstroke, but that is a very minor detail. Overall I’m very impressed, and will be wearing this hat more often.

Rhodesian Uniform

The complete uniform. Very nice to wear, looks good, and seems like it will work well in the woods of the South

Finally, your dreams of dressing up as a Selous Scout can be fulfilled. These faithful reproductions of the shirt and pants are a great addition to your camo collection.  Made from cotton twill, it is very comfortable to wear. They also fit very well and are of great quality. The inner fabric is white, but that is only noticeable if you roll the sleeves on the shirt.

On the shirt, there are two pockets on the chest and the cuff of the sleeves are fastened by a single button. The pants have one pocket on the left side, three in the front and one on the seat of the pants. The pants are buttoned up and the waist can be adjusted by two tabs on the waist. The only issue with the uniform is that some of the buttons have a hard time going through the holes to fasten.


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Liam is an amateur military historian and milsurp/patch collector. Currently located in the Southern US. His main focuses are on gear reviews and anything related to small wars.

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