Kommando Radio’s Knob Creek Experience

Kommando Radio (AKA /k/ Radio) is an independent organization partnered with The Kommando Blog. They initially started out as a small internet radio service that streamed a variety of “/k/ approved” music. Additionally, they would host the occasional radio interview.

As of March 2017, Kommando Radio has recuperated and organized themselves into a professional internet radio service. They currently have music blocks set up to play a variety of genres ranging from a “smorgasbord of Rock” to military marches and traditional war songs. Here’s their daily music block list for May, 2017.


  • Metal Monday: Metal and assorted rock
  • Troop Tuesday: Military Marches
  • Vietnam Wednesday: Late 60’s and 70’s Music popular with US soldiers in ‘Nam.
  • Classical Thursday: Classical Music
  • Freeplay Friday: Extra Grab Bag, and maybe some live DJing every once in a while.
  • Atomic Saturday: CONELRAD Radio Dramas/PSAs, Nuclear-related music, and Fallout playlists.
  • PsyOps Sunday: Guantanamo playlist, and other creepy stuff.

Kommando Radio has a lot of cool projects in the works, such as upcoming themed shows:

All Rounds Expended – “A daily show (M-F) that consists of the biggest stories of the past 24 hours and politically incorrect insights on quirky and mainstream topics in war, life, violence, and entertainment.”

This Week in War – “A weekly, in depth review and analysis of historical events that occurred the past week, years ago.”

The current /k/ Radio service can be reached at: https://murdercube.com/radio/

/k/ Radio has also just recently rolled out two video interviews with well known YouTube gun channels, The AK Guy and Polenar Tactical.

/k/ Radio – The AK Guy Interview

/k/ Radio – Polenar Tactical Interview

If you’d like to see more content by /k/ Radio,  visit them at https://www.kommandoradio.com/

And be sure to follow them on the assorted social media:


Don F.

Don has been writing for The Kommando Blog since 2017. He is a gun enthusiast, competitive shooter, and collector of militaria.

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