The Yankee Boogle

A part of me died in March of 2015 when I had heard that Dugan Ashley decided to pull the plug on CarniK Con. It was easily one of the highest budget YouTube firearms channels to exist at the time and was producing niche content that was clearly targeted at a younger generation of shooters. While I could wax poetic about the channel’s magnificent breadth of content for hours, this article is about Dugan’s first independent piece of Content in four years: a video titled Yankee Boogle.

The name, obviously a mashup of Yankee Doodle and Boogaloo (a popular, lighthearted way to refer to the idea of an impending civil war), does a good job conveying the idea of patriotism through disobedience. The video is very much straight to the point: Dugan has designed a 3D-printable swift link, or is at least putting his backing behind one. While I could summarize the video, it’s less than two minutes long and the visuals are the main focus. It’s best watched for yourself.

The real purpose of writing this article is not to review this video, but instead to mark a milestone for 3D-printable firearms technology and the direction in which true 2nd Amendment believers are taking it. In 2013, Defense Distributed came out with the Liberator pistol. Since then, magazines, receivers, and fully diy semi auto guns have been produced via printing. Leaders in this movement such as Deterrence Dispensed have created designs which have improved the usefulness and longevity of printed firearms. In the ever expanding library of 3D printed guns, the Yankee Boogle is something that is almost as quick and easy to produce as it is to destroy. It isn’t trying to reinvent the wheel, but is instead giving anyone with a $200 printer the option of full auto.

Today, the Yankee Boogle’s benefactor is any AR-15 with a military spec bolt carrier group, but who knows what gun will benefit from 3D-printing tomorrow? What lies ahead in the 20s is a mystery, but thanks to free men like Dugan it has the potential to be just as roaring as it was last time around. As we waltz into the new decade, we’re also welcoming a new era for firearms owners that uses technology to inject meaning back into the words “shall not be infringed”.

Edit: A paragraph in this article has been changed slightly to reflect a more accurate depiction of the state of 3D arms in relation to the Yankee Boogle.

Nicholas F.

An exemplary Florida man, Nicholas F. is a gun owning gear queer who can often be found shitposting in internet forums, discord channels, or cracking open a cold-blooded alligator with the boys in the Florida swamplands.

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    I dream of freedom……..just me and my little machine gun……..born a free man, die a free man, even if thats on the run, I dream of freedom

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