Rhodesian FALs: A Brief History and How to Spot One in the Wild



Rande Archer is just an average civilian who spent 9 years overseas in Europe and the Middle East doing civilian things. Rande graduated from college with a BA in Journalism and a minor in German. In addition to hating mainstream media, he has won a few awards for journalism photography back in the day. He has been collecting firearms since 2006 and has since acquired a fetish for Belgian firearms. His safewords are "Willy Pete" and "Charlie Don't Surf." His other hobbies include video games, ranting about how Germany could have totally won World War 2 if Hitler was a cyborg, collecting antiques aside from guns, and working on his old vehicles.

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  1. Avatar Paul Garnett says:

    Police force (BSA Police) was also issued with SA R1s in the early 70’s. They were engraved with the serial number on the right hand side of the stock and on top of the “mouse” (shell extractor). Mine was 8796. A number I have never forgotten. Piece was permanently issued to the recruit in training and stayed with him until discharge, however long that was. Mine was out of the box and factory black on issue and through Op Thrasher but was camo painted when I moved down to Op Tangent/Repulse. Enjoyed reading your article – thanks.

  2. Avatar Paul Garnett says:

    Sorry, I mean right hand side of the butt not the stock (senior moment !)

  3. Avatar Al says:

    For those of you who are interested in the Rhodesian war, here’s a book for you, written by an ex Rhodesian soldier : BRIDGE TO NO RETURN : Amazon.com

  4. Avatar Liam Cronly-Dillon says:

    great to read the “snippits” Im 72yrs old now, served in Mike Hoar unit 5 Commando Albertville-Baraka-Fizi , (just turned 17yrs at the time 2nd youngest) Rhodesian {PATU only 5 others who started it off 1964, Fireman on the footplate Bulawayo, Prisons service Salisbury, Minining, Mangula,/Sinoia,Rhodesia , England Oil/grain broker Kedros shipping, Carpenter.Joiner. Building Manager, Senior Construction manager Canary Wharf. plus multi million buildings London.
    Retired now and having a good giggle on what Im reading…..Heh heh just keep them coming
    Ive earned medals and at the end of the day they are only worth what you have done and no more

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