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MidWest NuggetFest 2019

Midwest NuggetFest Will Be Held April 19th-21st, 2019 Near Stover, Missouri. Directions: The Turn Onto The Driveway Is Here 38°26’15.0″,-93°03’29.8″ 589 Hwy 52 Stover, MO 65078 Follow The Signs To The Campsite Recommended Gear...


Midwest NuggetFest 2017

>What: NuggetFest, big ole’ /k/ meetup with lots of guns, alcohol and good folks. >Where: On a private farm near Stover, Missouri. >When: October 6th – 8th Friday to Sunday. >What to bring? Firearms,...


Parkerfest (Private Event)

“Parkerfest Memorial Day camping on my land along with some shooting at a local range, /memes/, communal dinner with a meal made by yours truly on Sunday night.” -Parker Located in the Parker, PA area. Exact...