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The Budget Lite Rifle

A while ago, I got to thinking about building a lightweight AR-15 on a budget… Mainly because I had gotten a great deal on a virgin magnesium alloy lower and was bored. Thus, $25...

Upper, handle and rear sight Pre-ban Colt AR-15 Sporter Lightweight rifle. 0

Zeroing my AR: How Far is Best?

The trusty ol’ M4 zero sheet I’ve punched my fair share of holes through this paper, and pretty much any Army veteran has. You’d set it up at 25 meters and launch green tip...


How Low Can You Go? A Budget AR-15

2017 is truly the year of the AR-15 rifle. Long past are the days of seemingly elusive $500 budget builds. We’re seeing these budget builds easily attainable at $400. A saturated market coupled with...