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PNW Day Meetup

September 16, 2017 @ 1:00 pm - 11:30 pm


Official /k/ PNW day meet in Olympia, WA

PNW Discord:

>Who’s coordinating the meet: 
We have set up numerous 4+8 Chan meets over the last few years. A lot of the people coming are regulars at these PNW meets and are well vetted. This is the first “OPEN” and advertised meet we’ve scheduled in awhile, but we enjoy as much company as we can get.

>What am I supposed to bring: 
This is a day meet, bring with you what you normally would for a fun afternoon with the dudes in comfort. So far we have a 100 square foot canopy, some gongs, tables, targets, etc. But obviously bring anything you think would be useful. Easy ups are a God send. A discover pass is technically required but if you want to chance bumping into a forest service member without one is up to you.

>When is this meet happening: 
September 16 2017, and yes we are cutting it that close. Main meet up will start at 1PM but don’t be afraid to be late, I myself won’t be showing up until 5PM. No the date is not negotiable.

>Where is this meet happening:
Olympia pit just outside Olympia Washington. Coordinates are 46.956212,-123.178187
Just plug them into Google maps and it will plot a route strait there. Yes, the roads are 2WD safe.

>Why are we doing this:
Because being autistic is a lot more fun with other people. Meeting other /k/tards is always a good experience and a nice way to make battle buddies in your area.

>How am I supposed to get there, I don’t have a car:
I don’t know nigga I’m not your mom. We have tried to accommodate poorfags in the past, you can always catch a ride with another person headed the same direction or just expose your power level by loading all your gats into your local bus line and riding all the way there.

>Can I being my normie friends?
Yes you absolutely can, the more is always the merrier.
>Can I come if I am a nogunz loser?
Yes you can, people are generally happy to let you shoot as long as you aren’t a cunt and pay for the ammo you use.
>Can I gearqueer out or will I look like a faggot?
You will in fact look like a faggot but you won’t be alone, I have seen everything from STALKER cosplays to tactical kilts. We’re there to be nerds and have fun.
>Should I brin-
>I can’t make it because it’s too far
That’s not a question but don’t you fret, we schedule meets every few months when we can and all over the region. If you want to try to help set one up near you in the future, hit us up on discord and we’ll see what we can do.

Ask any questions you have I will answer to the best of my ability, further questions can also be posted to the Discord and will be answered when the thread gets 404’d.


September 16, 2017
1:00 pm - 11:30 pm
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Olympia, WA
46.956212,-123.178187 + Google Map