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Brazil’s Supreme Court Restricts Gun Sales

In a rather brash move just weeks before the national election, Brazil’s SFC (Supreme Federal Court) has voted to restrict the sale of weapons that exceed a specific energy output. Now firearms that take...

Geha 12G 4

Geha Shotgun: An Interwar Curiosity

Introduction In 2021 I grew a fascination with military surplus, leading me to travel all over South East Pennsylvania looking for small little treasures of surplus in gun stores, usually being turned off by...

Howa Type 20 Tan 0

FDE Howa Type 20 Showcased

Twitter users @301TFS_LEGACY and @0422_Zadoppe have shared some new high resolution photos of a Howa Type 20 rifle that was recently on display at JGSDF Camp Tsuchiura. The exhibit at Camp Tsuchiura was only...