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Coltfest East 2017

July 29, 2017 @ 10:00 am - July 30, 2017 @ 6:00 pm


Coltfest is a joint /k/mlp/ event held by the anons of both boards for the same reason as any other convention or meetup: for the sake of getting everyone together to hang out for a weekend and have a fun time. The event revolves primarily around shooting, as >implied by /k/’s affiliation, however there are other activities as will mentioned below.
This year’s Coltfest East will be held in Rockport, MA at Johnson’s Quarry.

The address is 68 Johnson Rd off of Pigeon Hill St, make sure your GPS doesn’t take you to Squam Rd like it does for some people because that’s the wrong way.

We’re aiming for most everyone to show up Friday night/Saturday so we can begin the event around 10:00 on Saturday, however if anyone wants to show up earlier to help set up, let Travis know.

Anyone who’s driving in from out of state and wants to coordinate carpooling please refer to the signup doc. If you also haven’t viewed it yet please do so and be sure to fill out your information

Photo from the Wild West Coltfest. (2016)

What to Expect:

Rockport, MA is a lovely town with a rich history, great seafood, and beautiful scenery, however it’s also a tourist trap and filthy liberal hotspot so we’re going to be on a property innawoods where we can shoot guns, relax, and irl meme to our hearts’ content. Expect 2 days of shooting, swimming, off roading, campfire stories, eating delicious food, and excessive use of the word “whomst”.



Shooting Events:

We are planning to run at least two ranges simultaneously if there are enough people to justify it. There will be a short range, combat-shooting-centric range that the majority of shooting will occur on, and a longer range or alley for the purpose of zeroing rifles and shooting precision weapons (not nuggets). Everyone is encouraged to confirm their zeroes early in the morning.

Combat Style Shooting: If everything goes according to plan, there will be several options on this range, including movement drills, barrier/obstacle shooting, Primary-Secondary drills, reload drills and buddy team shooting. Targets will be a combination of silhouettes, steel and wooden pallets.

Zero/Precision Range: The event supervisors will be providing paper, sharpies and other tools to help you dial in your zero, although feel free to bring any of your own targets if you have them. The range will be at least 100m and possibly longer depending on how everything ends up being set up.

Night Shooting: As fun as it would be, people generally start to complain about the gunfire after the sun goes down.


We want to make sure everyone has an idea of at least basic firearms safety and other general common sense before they even step foot on the property so that we can have a fun weekend without any of our participating medical professionals having to feel like they’re at work. If you’ve never even held a firearm before that’s fine, there will be plenty of people willing to help you learn how to properly and safely operate a firearm. The appointed Range Safety Officer (RSO) has experience running ranges and did his time as a shooting coach in the Marine Corps, so when in doubt feel free to ask questions.

Now down to the basics of firearms safety:

  1. Always treat any firearm as if it’s loaded, and assume any weapon is ‘hot’ unless visually and physically inspected. Before taking a firearm from another person, verify its condition.
  2. Do not point a firearm at anything you do not intend to shoot. Even if the weapon is unloaded, don’t point it at anyone, this is called flagging.
  3. Don’t cross the firing line when the range is hot (kinda common sense).
  4. If you decide to start drinking alcohol, you are forfeiting your use of firearms for the rest of the day. Please don’t lie about being drunk.

If you break any of these rules, you’ll be knife handed by a bunch of a n g e r y autists and potentially kicked from the event.

In the event of any kind of medical emergency, stop what you’re doing and visit one of the trained medical professionals (Corey should be your first choice). If there is a serious injury on the range, immediately call CEEEEEEEASE FIRE and scream “CORPSMAN” at the top of your lungs. If you hear either of these calls it’s your duty to repeat them just as loudly!  

Next up is state laws. Massachusetts’ gun laws are a bit idiotic thanks to our filthy communist attorney general. Rest assured you CAN bring whatever firearms you want into the state for this event, including Modern Sporting Rifles (Assault Weapons according to MA Law), Stendo Clips and suppressors. Under the law you are attending a bonafide shooting sport event. See the following link for more information: http://www.cjrpc.org/interstate_1.htm

In the event that police do show up (though they shouldn’t have any reason to and will be informed in advance that we’ll be shooting all weekend) unload or at least put the safety on any firearms and place them down pointed in a safe direction. Standby while Travis addresses the situation, once the all clear is given people may resume shooting.



While traveling in an automobile, all weapons must be unloaded and secured in lockable cases, ideally completely out of sight from other motorists to avoid any unnecessary attention. Following these guidelines and of course safe driving, you should be able to pass through all of the states on the way to the event without breaking any laws.

Air Travel:

If you are traveling by air, there are several things to consider, but before you even buy tickets, read the airline’s policy on checked baggage and ensure they allow firearms to be checked, how many can be transported, and how many can be in the same case. Also verify whether or not ammo can be transported in the same case, and if there are any ammo restrictions for checked baggage. It never hurts to call!

When you get to the airport and it comes time to check your luggage in, mention to the clerk that you are checking firearms in, and they will ask you to sign a small card, which you then place in the case and lock it back up (this card is basically stating that they are unloaded). You should never surrender your keys. Never hand your case off to anyone unlocked, ever.

If you are Asian, please don’t fly United for your own safety.


You’re welcome to wear whatever you want, silly hats, 4CC attire, hell you can even cosplay if you really want to (Strumpet did at the first Coltfest), though comfortable clothing is suggested. Keep in mind it will be mid summer in MA so dressing to stay cool is ideal. Keep in mind brass will be flying, so something that keeps your neck and arms covered will help a lot. Tactical gear is great for carrying ammo and snacks on the range. Bug spray and Sunblock are a good idea. Swimsuits are also highly recommended as there is a place to swim on the property and people will most likely be jumping in to cool off.

As far as firearms and ammunition, bring whatever you want, and as much as you like. The more the merrier! If you plan on loaning out weapons to other guests, remember to bring slings/holsters for them to use.

Protective equipment is also important!  Ear protection is required, and eye protection is highly recommended. Foam earplugs and sunglasses are acceptable, but better safety equipment such as ANSI rated glasses and electronic noise-cancelling earpro are ideal and will really make the experience more enjoyable.

Remember to bring any sort of medication you might need. Some suggestions are anti diarrhea pills, allergy medication and pain relievers. There’s nothing worse than being stuck on the toilet when your bros are having fun ;_;. If you have any sort of medical condition please let Corey know ahead of time so that he can properly prepare to address it.


Most people will be staying for both days and will therefore need a place to sleep. You’re welcome to sleep in your car, in a tent, in a hammock, under your plash palatkas, whatever. The best sleeping area is right outside the house near the firepit and there will be plenty of space for tents and the like. That being said, it is up to everyone to bring their own sleeping arrangements. You may bring camping equipment to your heart’s content; cots, chairs, coolers, etc. Keep in mind however to be prepared in case of rain, Massachusetts weather doesn’t like to make sense. If there’s an issue where you have no predetermined sleeping arrangements, for example you couldn’t fit your sleeping bag in your luggage, let us know and we’ll help you fix your predicament.

Everyone will need to relieve themselves at one point or another. If you’re taking a leak, the world is your oyster, just walk aside almost anywhere and go. For the female attendees and anyone needing to go #2, there is a bathroom inside the house. Also: bug spray and sunscreen, you’ll definitely want both.


Matt is nice enough to be our grillmaster for the weekend, so we’ll have delicious BBQ going for lunch and dinner. Attendants are encouraged to bring food to throw on the grill as well as whatever tasty treats you’d like to munch on and/or share with the rest of us. Bringing your own water is recommended of course to stay hydrated, but isn’t necessary due to there being freshwater wells and springs on the property, ergo personal drinking vessels are suggested. Other drinks besides water such as Gatorade or ice cold bepis are also encouraged for refreshments. Coolers are also suggested for keeping food and drinks cold, especially down at the range. If you have a folding table, PLEASE bring it.

Alcohol is permitted so long as you’re of legal drinking age, though as stated above once you begin drinking your shooting privileges are revoked for the rest of the day.


Photography and videography are encouraged, Rag got some amazing pictures and videos last year and we hope to have some memorable footage again this year; anyone who wants to bring a camera is certainly encouraged to do so. Speakers and other electronics are also welcome, but this event is supposed to focus on outdoor activities; don’t be playing your 3DS all weekend. On that note, there are of course outlets around for charging phones and other electronics. If anyone wants to bring an acoustic guitar that would also be great for around the campfire at night. Fireworks are illegal to buy in MA but are still legal to own, so if anyone driving wants to bring some from out of state you’re more than welcome to. For anyone collecting brass, you’re welcome to do so but please let people know and wait until everyone is done shooting, though I’d guess that most ammo will be steel cased due to the sheer number of slavshit guns.

Other Events:

For those who aren’t as adamant about shooting or just want to take a break and do something else.


The quarry has some of the purest water in the world and is nice to cool off in

Off Roading:

There’s plenty of roads and trails snaking around the property that are fun to drive around on ORVs


You can bring airsoft guns if you really want to to dick around with, just make sure to have eyepro and don’t confuse them with the real steel funs.


July 29, 2017 @ 10:00 am
July 30, 2017 @ 6:00 pm
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Johnson’s Quarry
68 Johnson Road
Rockport, MA 01966 United States
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