Fireforce Ventures is moving to the US!

As you might have heard, Fireforce Ventures is moving to the United States and is doing a pre-sale on super cool new Rhodesian based apparel, which will fund their exodus from the Democratic People’s Republic of Leafistan (formerly known as Canada).

FFV Next Stop: America
Good luck!

Now, you probably assumed that this was because Chairman Trudeau decided to lay out one of the largest, most ridiculous gun bans ever seen. But here at TKB we’re good friends with the Fireforce lads, so we decided to reach out to them for info. While the gun ban is certainly a contending reason for their migration, it doesn’t even come close to the full story.

Rhodesian Books
The Fireforce lads are some educated individuals.

So why are they leaving?

After I contacted them, they began to explain to me the business related reasons. For example, most of their clientele is based in the United States, and they get most of their merchandise from the States. This means that they have to deal with both import permits and export taxes just to operate. Local regulations are very strict, meaning that they just downright can’t sell stuff like body armor, helmets, or even gas masks because they’re classified as ITAR controlled goods.

Essentially, higher taxes, higher cost of utilities, and the CAD losing value rapidly compared to the USD. It’s a constant downhill slope and an uphill battle. These big key factors, all on top of the huge gun ban, is a fucked situation with a cherry on top (they even had a tragic boating accident where all of their guns fell overboard into the Atlantic ocean. I’m sure RCMP authorities are more than welcome to go looking for those with their dive teams though).

If this list of reasons overwhelms you then it’s plain to see why they’re leaving Canada and relocating to the United States.

And as if that wasn’t enough…

Perhaps to your surprise, those aren’t even the main reasons as for why they’re moving out of the country. You might have witnessed the controversial witch hunt that took place in late 2018. Essentially, some rag communist publication named [REDACTED], we’ll just call them “Antifa Media”. Additionally, other Canadian media outlets wrote articles doxxing members of Fireforce and accused them of being white supremacists. If getting doxxed by some communist bastards with too much free time on their hands wasn’t enough, it gets worse.

Fireforce Ventures, at the time, were composed of several active servicemen in the Canadian Armed Forces. Antifa Media contacted the CAF with absurd accusations, prompting a comprehensive investigation by the brass. It even elicited the Defense Minister Harjit Sajjan to personally oversee the investigation, during which all the Fireforce lads were suspended until the investigation was complete. In short, it was a diabolical witch hunt against good people who did nothing wrong in the first place. Accused, essentially, of wrongthink.

Can you see why I’m pissed off at this bullshit?

And what a hellish investigation it was. All social media and online activity monitored. They were even accused of some of the most asinine bullshit conceivable. One charge in particular was “espionage” for fucking Robert Mugabe (yes THAT Mugabe) in occupied Rhodesia  Zimbabwe of all fucking people. Alas, these men had their personal freedoms taken from them as a result of the investigation, and their identities were again leaked.

The brass eventually cleared them of all racism charges, however, despite having been acquitted, Brigadier-General Trevor Cadieu said the following in relation to one of the FFV members; “I questioned his loyalty to the Canadian Armed Forces, I found that he was disrespectful to the Canadian Armed Forces uniform that he serves in, and that he was disrespectful of our government in this podcast”. In essence, they were treated very poorly. Owing to the fact that a handful of communists with a shred of power felt like targeting folks for caring about history. Not to mention the life and career consequences that would follow. Several Fireforce members left the company and others were forced out as a result of these unfair accusations. This attack by Antifa Media lasted nearly two years. No one treated them well during the ordeal, aside from their customers.

Unfair Accusations
Fucking journalists.

I apologize for all the swearing but this is some genuinely infuriating nonsense that makes the blood boil, and I’m sure it must also anger you as well.

So, what now?

Thankfully there is a silver lining here, being that since the investigation has finished, and seeing to the situation our lads found themselves in, they’re doubling down on Fireforce Ventures and are working harder than ever, in order to move to the United States where they can have FFV mature from a hobby into a full fledged company. And for that, they need our help. If this story resonated with you, I STRONGLY suggest that you go and support FFV with your patronage. You have the power to help a few good men escape a country that’s turned its back on them, so that they may venture towards a new chapter in the United States.

Check them out at:
And be sure to follow Fireforce Ventures on Instagram.

Fireforce Ventures Products
I’m picking some of these products myself, and so should you!

Rhodesians Never Die!

From The Kommando Blog we wish nothing but the best for our friends at Fireforce Ventures and hope to see them soon, prospering in the good U.S. of A.!

Rhodesia postcard
What a time it was!

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