SHOT Show Gothic (2020 Ed.)

  • You wake up for the first day of SHOT show. It’s been 12 days. Nobody seems to notice.
  • A man is in a tanker helmet and overcoat. He is flanked by women in leather. Did the bombs drop? Did a leaked cell phone vid drop?
  • Only one ATF agent has a mouth. He is afraid. You hear strange noises near the booth. A passing dealer makes the Sign of the Cross.
  • An attractive woman has a badge and is talking to an attendee. As they talk, his face is going pale and he is becoming weaker. It may be wise to avoid this booth.
  • A man is walking by in a torn Grunt-Style shirt. His beard is visibly growing as he walks by. The shirt is visibly mending as he walks by.
  • People are coughing after eating the candies. Their eyes red and face lose color. You are told this is normal. A masked woman, laughing, refills the bowls.
  • You pass a man napping in the hallway. At least, you think he is napping.
  • An AR-15 is handed to you and you are shown what makes it different. You look around. Every AR-15 is the same. An AR-15 is handed to you…
  • The convention center staff are mannequins. You hear them speaking. DO NOT listen to them.
  • Free beer is advertised but when you look, there is nothing. Someone walks by with free beer.
  • You go to the men’s room. It is unclear where the line begins or ends. There are no stalls.
  • What looks like Ian and Karl doing a meet and greet isn’t them. “Ian” is right handed. “Karl” wears a rosary.
  • Men in robes are coughing. How did they get in without badges?
  • There is a gun giveaway at one of the booths. One of the reps is asking for you to sign “in red” and is very insistent. You cannot read his badge. The smell of sulfur permeates.
  • A booth is displaying custom 1911s. You recall them telling you their name, but you cannot pronounce it. You check the map and look back, there is no booth. All of your notes and pictures are now about Glocks.
  • There is talk of two people stalking the show for French ordnance ammo.. How did they multiply? Are you in danger? There is talk of three people stalking the show for French ordinance.
  • The rep at the Ammo-Up booth cleans up casings from the floor with their device. When they get the last case, more appear on the floor before they can empty their device. Nobody knows where the casings came from.
  • You end up with a YPJ patch. You are not sure how or when this came into your possession. You find a plane ticket to Syria.
  • Every day, the escalators in the direction of your travel are broken… Strange.
  • Somebody is drinking hand sanitizer at the convention center. Only you seem surprised by this.

Is there more? You read these twenty and swear you read more somewhere else. Is there more? You be the judge.


Small time military surplus and Lego collector with a penchant for pocket guns and dry humor.

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1 Response

  1. Merlin The Wizard says:

    >Somebody is drinking hand sanitizer at the convention center.
    No, yeah, that sounds like the people at the convention center. Which convention center? All of them. No surprises there.

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