Less Than Lethal Force

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2 Responses

  1. Avatar Louie says:

    Your comment about foam seems very amiss to me. Especially after seeing a picture of yourself and realizing how young you are!!!! At that age you can only have so much experience in the field.. You make it sound like spraying someone with foam is the same thing as pouring a cup of water on their face LOL.

    You’re not going to simply “wipe” the foam out of your face and out of the way (what even makes you think that?) and even if you could that’s going to distract you and take time to do so while you’re sitting there, according to you, casually “wiping” the foam off your face like whip cream, someone has a chance of getting away or make an attack.

    The stuff has a big-time OIL residue and if you think you’re just going to wipe it away and have no results are you sadly mistaken. But other than your words, what do you have the back this up with use in the field?

  2. Avatar Frostbite says:

    Batons are illegal for carry by civilians in TN without a special permit. I’d just stay away from the stuff.

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