A Black and White Excuse For Mediocrity

I’ve seen many patches in life. A patch to show my support for breast cancer, to show my country, “I suck dicks and kill jihadists in Mali” and a few for some sort of unknown allegiances that I’m not so sure about. I’ve known fanatics who make and produce their own due to a lack of creative market and consumers hold several hundred of examples. I myself have a myriad of patches (mostly squirreled off in locations entirely unknown) so for my purposes I’ve collected the few I could find.

Some are clearly better quality than others and with this latest addition to my collection I can say for sure it is by far the worst. Some of these feature colors in logical sequences but this one just features black and white. The point comes through that it is minimal or its just a lazy attempt to keep down costs. At either rate I prefer the dull lack of entertainment that the French patch delivers as opposed to The Kommando Blog. The two tone PATU patch shines through with a sandy theme and even my Crimson Caravan /k/ patch has a light gray and black theme that shines like the moon. Maybe if the Don himself went out of his way to make it PVC like my HCLI patch we wouldn’t run into these problems but here we are writing about its abysmal quality, not its amazing features and clever design. Its asymmetrical in nature and the left side seems to be bigger than the right. The K has 2 cuts while the B is just cut down the middle and looks more like I3. I 3 indeed. Upon closer inspection the stitching resembles Chinese slave labor.

You might wear this outside to “represent” but I would never be caught dead with such a poorly crafted accessory. It might come apart while shooting or even dining. I am unsure of its price but I can say its certainly worth it. As an added bonus, upon opening its packaging I was given a secret note. A note that leaves me as lost in thought as to why I even wanted this patch in the first place.

As always like, comment subscribe, call me a faget or favorite this video if you liked it. It’s pure satire and I suggest you go out of your way and buy a Patch at The Kommando Blog Store



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