Selecting Your First Carry Pistol

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  1. J says:

    First off, I would never own or carry a Hi-Point because I don’t need to. But the Hi-Point is the only handgun for that price that works, and most of the hype against it is because the Gun community needs a whipping boy. It’s heavy and ugly and made of pit metal, but it functions. The Hi-Point C-9 is a $135/+tax gun that, in my experience working at a gun range and huge gun retailer in the past, works pretty reliably. I have seen thousands of rounds out of the same few Hi-Points, one of which was a range rental. There were only three malfunctions, one of which was ammo related and the other two were easily cleared with a tap/rack.

    Other companies, like SCCY, ISSC, Diamondback, Lorcin, Jennings, etc make truly non-functioning guns that screw consumers. They may replace your faulty gun, but it will be with another faulty gun because the flaw is in the design, not just in Quality Control. I would always suggest to customers to look at used SD9VE’s before a new Hi-Point, but some people are particular about not buying used. Also, Hi-Point stands behind their product with good warranty coverage. But, so does S&W on the SD9VE.

    Most of the rest of the the article is spot on. Solid work!

    • Einherjar says:

      My main reservation against Hi Point is precisely because you can buy used firearms. You do have a point though, like I mentioned for most people there’s an emotional and/or psychological hurdle they need to get over. With a competent teacher or friend to help someone get into shooting, those hurdles are easily overcome which is why I implore all gun owners to absorb as much reliable information as they can. It’s vital now more than ever to help newcomers since there’s literally never been a better time to buy a gun.

  1. January 9, 2018

    […] over at Kommando Blog already did a fantastic post about choosing your first carry gun.  It’s a great read, and very thorough.  His method is a little different than mine, […]

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