The Ultimate Guide to the Surefire M951 Weaponlight: Part V



YNH is an absolutely civilian gun and gear enthusiast whose primary interests include concealed carry firearms , everyday carry gear, and memeguns such as wondernines and the AR-15/M16 and derivatives. He is typically found in the wild with some EDC gear stashed in just about every one of his pockets.

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  1. Avatar Peter Thurber says:

    Thank you for the excellent series on the M951 battle light. I have been looking at rifle lights for a while as I put the finishing touches on my Rock River LAR and have been confused and appalled at lighting options (as a fellow Guardsman told me, “The most important thing about your rifle is it has to look cool”). I am a 56 year old combat vet and he is a little millennial slick sleeve leg-humper, so he should know. I know better, but I was recklessly trolling around EBAY one night and came upon a beater M951 for $50 so I snagged it- perhaps nostalgia got me. As I later found out, the output is quite lame, so much for looking all Afghanistan again. Your series has saved me and put wind back in my sails. Now I can still look cool with my fat body 951 and actually see at night when needed. Thank you!!

  2. Avatar Justin says:

    Thank you, sir. Great and informative post!

  3. Avatar DanGoodShot says:

    Love me my m951. Updated. First to go was that gnarly incandescent head. Malkoff. done. Second need more power. Bored to accept 18650. nice. Lastly, that heavy ass mount had to go. Took an aluminum 13 slot M Lok picatinny rail. Carved out a nice n’ light M Lok mount that keeps it good and tight to the rail. Now shes runnin’ as good as any new offerings on the market today. Total coast $120. Breakdown: Malkoff on sale + discount n’ free ship $40, M951 $60, rail $20. I have a bunch of 18650s, board the body myself as well Machined the mount.

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