The Ultimate Guide to the Surefire M951 Weaponlight: Part V



YNH is an absolutely civilian gun and gear enthusiast whose primary interests include concealed carry firearms , everyday carry gear, and memeguns such as wondernines and the AR-15/M16 and derivatives. He is typically found in the wild with some EDC gear stashed in just about every one of his pockets.

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2 Responses

  1. Peter Thurber says:

    Thank you for the excellent series on the M951 battle light. I have been looking at rifle lights for a while as I put the finishing touches on my Rock River LAR and have been confused and appalled at lighting options (as a fellow Guardsman told me, “The most important thing about your rifle is it has to look cool”). I am a 56 year old combat vet and he is a little millennial slick sleeve leg-humper, so he should know. I know better, but I was recklessly trolling around EBAY one night and came upon a beater M951 for $50 so I snagged it- perhaps nostalgia got me. As I later found out, the output is quite lame, so much for looking all Afghanistan again. Your series has saved me and put wind back in my sails. Now I can still look cool with my fat body 951 and actually see at night when needed. Thank you!!

  2. Justin says:

    Thank you, sir. Great and informative post!

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