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Since this weekend coincides with the 4th of July and shameless self-promotion is the American way, I’m sharing my own patches with an honest review of them, even if there are parts I don’t quite like. You can find them all for sale on Tactical Bacon Patches. A few are out of stock and I plan on restocking them in September. Also, this weekend, from July 1 to July 8, I’ll be offering free domestic shipping for all purchases over $17.76. ‘Murica!

We’ll start with the idea that kicked this all off and honestly one of my favorites, Abracadabra. This lovely lady is Diana and she loves her “heavy firepower.” The inspiration for this one came from a video of Russian soldiers training. The Sourkraut is the fine gentleman who brought her to life from my mind to canvas and I must say, it’s a beautiful patch with exquisite detail. The colors work together well and it looks incredible in person. It’s a fabric patch with a merrowed border and hook backing. My primary complaint is the size of the patch, coming in at 4″ tall by 3.5″ wide. She will be restocking as mentioned above.

Next on the list is No Step on Snek. It is a Gadsden flag starring Miia of Monster Musume. She measures in at 3.25″ wide by 2.25″ tall, making it a great fit for displaying on small loop panels or on your jacket’s shoulder. This patch also has many fine details on it but the bright yellow background can make the other colors appear a bit washed out. It also suffers from showing any smudges quite readily on the light colors.

Third is 545 Production. I designed it myself as an homage to the 762 and 556 Production patches made by the guys at Weapons Grade Waifus who made their patches as an homage to 765 Production. It’s a relatively simple design suited for embroidery with good colors and velcro backing. It fills a rather niche void in the market so I plan on running it out and letting it sleep.

Fourth is my most popular patch yet, the Flag of the Empire from Youjo Senki. It measures almost spot on at 3″ by 2″ with velcro backing, a merrowed border, and a fine woven detail so incredible you could almost mistake it for printing. It faithfully recreates the Empire’s Flag to show your love of Youjo Senki or just Tanya herself. My only regret is not purchasing more for the first run. Rest assured, though, I will also be restocking this sold out patch.

Second to the last is Multiple Explosions, an image of loveliness in Megumin’s “explosion” face. Another design brought to us by the talented hand of The Sourkraut, this is the first patch to feature his hand drawn ahegao. He really goes all out to capture important details and really convey how she’s lost in those internal explosions she’s experiencing. You can even make out the beads of sweat on her chest or the drool running off her lips with this fine woven patch. It measures 3″ in diameter and I have nothing bad to say about this work of art.

And lastly, the long regarded safety warning within the /k/ommunity, Do Not Fist Android Girls. We have all seen this warning around the internet for the past few years, sometimes featuring a popular android waifu from some form of media or another. Now you can use this patch to let the world know that you put the safety of your hand and her internals first. Another fine woven patch, at 3″ by 2.25″ you can easily fit it where a flag would go and being fine woven ensures it will last for a long time.

Thank you again for joining me for my post today. If you would like to buy any of these patches, you can find them for sale on Tactical Bacon Patches. If you enjoy what you’ve seen here today and look forward to seeing more of my articles or vijayos, please go support me on my Patreon or buy my patches. Have a great weekend and remember, cut towards your chum, not your thumb.

Sam Moore

Sam Moore

Just some Army veteran who likes guns and patches. So strap yourselves in for some high-octane tactical unboxing action of patches I buy, patches I'm selling, and sometimes just random other stuff I get in the mail. Oh, and it isn't really that high octane now that I think about it.

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