Radio Yerevan: New Russian Sanctions

A bill has passed in the Senate last week that hits both Iran and Russia with more economic sanctions from the US, in addition to the ones that already exist against them. The Iranian sanction is based on their continued testing of various ballistic missile platforms. These test results are likely to be used to aid in building low yield tactical nukes, according to U.S. officials. The United States has continued to press this issue with Iran to no avail. The bill has passed almost unanimously 98 to 2 in the Senate, with bipartisan agreement.

Dirty Rotten foreign meddling bastard.

Dirty meddling Democrat (Chuck Schumer, House Minority Leader)

But let’s forget Iran, as they’ve been “Death to America and Israel” forever, and nothing is going to change. Instead, the important takeaway is that these new sanctions have been placed on Russia for their apparent support of rebels in Eastern Ukraine, the annexation of Crimea, and their apparent “meddling” in the recent US election. For all of the non-financial types out there, why should you care? Because the sanctions specifically target Russian business interests here in the United States, which translates to “no more VEPRs” with the company that imports them being named in the sanctions. Buy a VEPR NOW if you’ve been saving for one.

Russian Overlord

Russian Overlord

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